5 Secrets to Pulling Off a Hollywood-Level Chroma Key (Besides Good Lighting)

Typically when we talk about how to chroma key, we put a lot of emphasis on how to construct your lighting. But, what are some other tips that will help make yours look clean and professional?

Director/Cinematographer Matthew Rosen shares with us some of his «secret» techniques in the video below. And trust us — there’s no talk about how to light for chroma key. We promise.

Choose the right chroma color

Chroma green is typically the color filmmakers choose when the decide to do some compositing, but not necessarily because it’s better or worse than blue (or any other color). Though there are plenty of technical advantages to using green, your choice should be based on the qualities and obstacles of each specific shot you’re capturing — and most of the time blue is found in the shot more often than green. Here are some tips Rosen points out:

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