Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5′ Movie is On Hold While ‘Prometheus 2′ Fires Up

Neill Blomkamp Alien Movie

This is why Guillermo del Toro always says you must be working on multiple projects at once. So if (or inevitably when) one falls apart, you already have another in the works that you can pick up and continue. Vancouver-based filmmaker Neill Blomkamp took to Twitter last night to announce his Alien 5 project is officially «holding/ pending prometheus 2«. Blomkamp has been sending out photos of concept art and weapons designs, and it looks like he was making major progress developing his version of Alien. However, word going ’round was that Ridley Scott is so excited to be working on Prometheus 2 again, he wants that to be the only sci-fi from this universe. So until they ’ve figured that out and finished it, this movie is on hold. ›››

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