Daily Dialogue theme for the Month: Writers and Writing

In honor of the Zero Draft Thirty Challenge, we’re going to have one theme for the entire month of November. That theme:

Writers and Writing

Can you name this movie?

Consecutive days of Daily Dialogue posts: 2,725.

Over 400 people have committed to join me in the #ZD30SCRIPT Challenge. What better way to honor those participants — and every single GITS reader, whether you’re up for the Challenge or not — than to feature 30 Daily Dialogue posts this month.

The usual drill:

* Copy/paste dialogue from IMDb Quotes or some other transcript source.

* Copy/paste the URL of an accompanying video from YouTube or some other video source.

I'd also ask you to think about why the dialogue is notable. Is there anything about the dialogue which provides some takeaway related to the craft of writing? If so, feel free to lay that wisdom on us.

If you have some Daily Dialogue themes to add to the roster, be my guest to post in comments. But be sure to post your ideas for this week's theme: Writers and Writing.

Thanks to all you loyal Daily Dialoguers! You rock!

Go Into The Story

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