This Macabre Masterclass Gives You Recipes for All Different Kinds of Fake Blood

What’s one of the greatest things about making a horror film? Getting to play with all of that nasty, goopy, bloody goodness, of course!

The unfortunate thing, however, is that making a batch that not only looks good but acts good is a challenge for those of us who aren’t pro SFX artists. But RocketJump Film School has put a bunch of fake blood recipes to the test to find out which ones work best for different cinematic needs. So, if you need blood that looks good soaking into a shirt, splattering against the wall, that looks realistic or cartoonish, or won’t poison your cast with toxins or mold, RJFS has something that’ll work for you. And as an added bonus, they share SFX legend Dick Smith’s famous blood recipe that took gore to the next level.

Check out their video below:

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