“To aid and support writers”

A comment from Karl Gerhardt the other day:

Thank you for all the screenwriting tools/links that you've given over the years and continue to give and give… GITS is by far the leading online screenwriting resource and daily inspirational motivator for screenwriters. Your intentions are pure and your endgame is clear… To aid and support writers. Accolades, Scott.

My response:

Thanks, Karl. This blog is a true labor of love. I've never made a cent off it. My intentions are, indeed, as you say to aid and support writers. I was an outsider to Hollywood when I wrote and sold the spec script K-9. No formal training. Only one connection in the business. That's a big reason, I think, why I've always resonated with aspiring writers who exist outside Hollywood's sphere of influence.

About 10 years ago, I started to think, "If I were starting out again, an outsider, no formal training, what type of online resource would be the most help for me to learn the craft?"

Eventually that is what led to Go Into The Story. Information. Inspiration. Motivation. All free. No ads.

I'm not the smartest or most talented guy in the world. I'm not an A list writer. But I have managed to carve out a career over nearly three decades and written 30 projects for every major Hollywood studio and almost every broadcast network. So hopefully at least some of what I write about here has value to readers.

Thanks again for your comments. Always good to hear that GITS is a meaningful resource for writers.

Since I launched this site nearly 8 years ago, there has been an explosion of different social media platforms. By comparison, a blog is a humble creature, almost arcane in nature, a throwback to a simpler time.

On the other hand, no matter the technology, writing comes down to this fundamental act: Showing up each day, depositing derriere on chair, and doing the work. It actually requires us to shut ourselves off from all of those shiny technological baubles because they can be distractions.

I look at what I do here… and what we do here… as synchronous with what you and I do as writers: Ass on chair. Doing the hard work of pounding out pages. That’s one reason I have posted content to this site for 2,725 consecutive days, a reminder to all of us to write every day, show up every day, give voice to our creativity every day.

It’s not sexy or cutting edge. No glitz and glamour here. It’s an unpretentious little blog… which just so happens to host over 18,000 posts. But as long as I keep hearing from writers like Karl, that what transpires here is of value to the online writing community…

I will continue to host Go Into The Story.

Go Into The Story

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