Wipster Now Has Unlimited Data Storage for Their Video Collaboration Platform

Wipster’s whole purpose is to make collaborating on video projects with your team easier and more streamlined. Now, their new data storage feature aims to make that process a whole lot better.

Today, Wipster announced that they’ve made cloud storage on their video collaboration platform completely unlimited across all of their pricing plans, and apparently they’re the first ones to do this. So, regardless of whether you have the standard $ 15/mo Video Pro plan or the more expensive Enterprise plan, you get unlimited data storage.

Here’s a video that introduces the new feature:

If you don’t know much about Wipster, the simplest way to describe it would be «Google Docs for video.» You can check out the basic workflow here, but essentially after you sign up, you upload the video you’re working on, share it with your team. (Wipster has also announced «Per-Seat» pricing, which means it costs $ 15/mo for each team member.) Then you all get to work giving feedback about what you think works and doesn’t work, which all gets turned into a to-do list. And this is all within the Wipster platform.

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