Aaron Sorkin Masterclass: ‘You Know More in Your Head than You’re Able to Put on Paper’

Get the advice tinged with trademark sarcasm you’ve always wanted from one of screenwriting’s greats.

A couple weeks ago, we provided an exclusive clip of Werner Herzog’s Masterclass for film students (and a post on his wonderfully crazy AMA), and now we’re back with an opportunity to learn from another one of film and TV’s most influential talents. In his first-ever online class, Aaron Sorkin will teach a range of screenwriting subjects including dialogue, character development, story pacing, and plot. The coolest part may be his decision to demonstrate his own process through leading a writers' room to work on a new episode of The West Wing.

«You know more in your head than you’re able to put on a piece of paper,» the writer of A Few Good Men, Moneyball, and many more, stresses in the clip below. As a screenwriter, your first question should be, «Do you understand what you read? Not is it good or bad.» The purpose of this Masterclass is to make sure the brilliant idea in your head is brilliantly translated through your arms, into your fingers and down on a piece of a paper.

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