FADE OUT: Chapel Hill

It has been an intriguing 8 months, an exciting 6 weeks, and a frantic last week here in Chapel Hill.

8 months have elapsed since I began my application process to become a professor of screenwriting at the School of Cinematic Arts at DePaul University.

6 weeks has whizzed by after I received an official offer from the school which I accepted.

And this last week, my family and I have scrambled to finish our moving preparations. To wit, I have walked the equivalent of 60 miles the last five days, climbed the equivalent of 302 flights of stairs, made countless visits to the PTA Thrift Store and local ‘freecycle’ Salvage Shed to give away a seemingly endless amount of stuff. Movers came Friday. Farewell party last night. Cleaning up today. Depart tomorrow.

Now a moment for self-reflection.

Our family spent 11 years in Chapel Hill and it’s been an excellent experience for us. Will spent 3 years at Chapel Hill High School, graduating in 2008 before heading off to a five year double degree program at Tufts University and the New England Conservatory. Luke spent 2 1/2 years at the local elementary school, then home-schooled through eighth grade, and has enjoyed the last 2 years at Carrboro High School. Both boys have made lots of friends here.

Rebecca has been actively involved in a ton of things while living here like launching the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum online education program (GHF Online) and starting The Brain Cafe Facebook group which she still oversees and currently has over 16,000 members. She has co-written articles for scholarly journals and began a program via UCLA which will enable her to consult with families whose children have unique interests and backgrounds, and don’t fit the mode of a typical college applicant.

The reason we moved to Chapel Hill was my job as a television producer for Trailblazer Studios which I held for 8 years, but during my time here, I also created Go Into The Story, began teaching at the University of North Carolina and launched Screenwriting Master Class. That along with several writing gigs which have dropped into my lap have made my time here a creatively full experience.

I will miss Chapel Hill, especially my neighborhood with its organic grocery store, restaurants, village green, and movie theater all within 2 blocks of our home. Oh, and my running path through the trees.

All the stories I explored while jogging through nature. Letting my imagination run wild. Detaching myself from the electronic world and reveling in the quiet solitude of the surrounding forests. Those many, many moments are etched in my feet, my heart, my muscles, and my soul.

Yes, it’s been a good 11 years, but it’s time to say FADE OUT to Chapel Hill. I’ve taken on a number of creative challenges here and met them all. Now I’m ready for a new challenge and excited to have this opportunity.

Chicago, here we come!

Go Into The Story

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