5 Ways Members Help Raindance

I started a membership scheme in 1995. I ws hoping to raise enough money to send out bulletins and to create a resource bank of material of interest to our community of filmmakers.

Members have helped us create hubs in ten cities around Canada, Europe, Amercia and Beijing.

Joining brings you into the Raindance eco-system of filmmakers and creative industry workers where you can network and collaborate.

You can join Online Here

Here’s 5 ways members help us promote independent film and filmmaking.

1. Resources Resources Resources

We have hundreds of legal contracts (written by a top British lawyer), scripts, production papaerwork, marketing materials and over 40 hours of members- only exclusive videos. Compiling these takes literally hundreds and hundreds of hours. we think it is one of the finest cooloections of filmmaker and screenwriter resources out there.

Membership subscriptions allow us to be able to keep adding fresh new and relevant content.

Members login with their passwords and browse and download here.

2. Spread the word

Members are always chatting up the events we do like the Independent Filmmakers Ball in Toronto in September and the Live!Ammunition! pitching competition on Septer 27th in London. Without this precious word of louth Raindance would wither and die on the vine.

You can follow us on Twitter and RT our posts, or on Facebook, or Instagram. We have over 400 videos on our Youtube channeo and you can subscribe here to be the first to see new content we post.

3. Make a trailer

Each year since 1998 we have made a cinematic trailer to promote the festival. The trailers are made by festival award winners and financed from member’s subscription fees. This year’s trailer is a homage to Stephen Spielberg who astarted as an independent filmmaker. This year’s trailer also won a prestigious award at this year’s Cannes Lions advertising festival.

4. Volunteer for the festival

Raindance Film Festival has grown to be the largest of it’s type in Europe. And it’s run by Raindance volunteers. Our members swell the ranks and work in print traffic, marketing, hospitality and as front of house ushers. Yoiu can volunteer here.

5. Distribute leaflets and get the word out

During the hectic festival time Raindance members distribute leaflets — they send their street address to us at distribute@raindance.org and we drop bundles of 50 leaflets in teh post — or they drop by the Raindance Film Centre in London and pick them out.

Members leave the leaflets in local shops and community organisations or distribute at work or school. It’s hugely beneficial to the festival


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