3 Thoughts on the Collaborative Relationship Between DPs and Directors

One of the most crucial and rewarding relationships a DP will have is the one between them and a director.

The relationship between a director and a cinematographer is such an important one. Not only are the two planning the logistics and overall look of the film, but they’re (hopefully) learning more about their crafts through creative collaboration. Many different aspects of this dynamic partnership are discussed by DP Haris Zambarloukos in this video by Cooke Optics TV, specifically about all of the great things he learned from working with director Kenneth Branagh.

Here are a few helpful takeaways from Zambarloukos.

Consistant partnerships have great rewards

Nurturing a consistent collaborative relationship with a director has so many benefits, but one that Zambarloukos mentions is forming a strong reliance and confidence in each other’s abilities. That trust not only gives you space to create, but it gives you the boldness to ask for advice when you need it as well.

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