DJI’s New Mavic Pro Aims to Take Down GoPro’s Karma

Released today, DJI's drone folds into the size of a water bottle—and has some decided advantages over the would-be competition.

Hot on the heels of GoPro's release of their first drone, DJI is fighting to keep its dominance of the aerial imaging market. DJI's Mavic Pro emphasizes a small and highly portable form factor (approximately the size of a water bottle when folded), along with autonomous flight control, making it convenient and easy to create high quality aerial videos wherever you go.

DJI's newly re-designed Vision Positioning System uses five cameras to continuously monitor surroundings.

Priced similarly to the Karma, the Mavic Pro also features a fold-away design and game-system inspired remote control, but its autonomous flight control and advanced sensory systems give the Mavic Pro a decided edge over the GoPro model.

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