Exclusive Photos from Indie Thriller Countrycide


Canadian indie auteur Brett Kelly releases three shots from upcoming survivalist horror film Countrycide.

Earlier this week we ran a feature spotlighting 9 veteran independent filmmakers who refuse to stop working and have successfully built and maintain an identity making movies their way, despite an ever shifting cinematic landscape.

Among that list was Ottawa-based Canadian filmmaker Brett Kelly, a tireless microbudget maestro who has made over 30 films in 15 years and refuses to stop. Kelly is deep in production on the survivalist horror film Countrycide, a film that, after a false start last year, resumed production this summer and is close to being wrapped. This is a more serious, suspenseful film from Kelly, who is better known for his tongue-in-cheek films like My Fair Zombie and My Dead Girlfriend.

Says Kelly:

“I tried to get this movie off the ground last summer but it seemed like circumstances just didn’t want it to happen. I completely revamped my approach and now I’m super excited to get things moving forward. I want to make audiences squirm.”

The movie stars newcomer Robin Hodge as a woman trapped alonein the woods with a bear trap affixed to her leg. As she attempts to survive the harsh elements, she finds herself stalked by predators of the two and four legged variety. The movie also features Kelly regulars Peter Whittaker (Homicycle), Joel Elliot (Ghastlies) and Trevor Payer (My Fair Zombie).

Check out the photos below and stay tuned for more…

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