‘Search for Revelations’: Invaluable Cinematography Advice from DP Kirsten Johnson

Seasoned DP Kirsten Johnson gives some of the best cinematography advice we've ever heard.

Kirsten Johnson faced a room full of fellow filmmakers at the Camden International Film Festival and held up one of her most important tools. A camera? A gimbal? No. A simple water bottle. "The biggest, most important thing I know as a cameraperson," she told the assemblage, "is how to manage my water intake, and I’m really serious about this." She the proceeded to shimmy over the desk that she was behind and join the audience.

These two tenants—staying hydrated and knowing how to negotiate her body in a space filled with other people—are cornerstones of Johnson’s long and storied career, during which she has shot over 25 films for the likes of Laura Poitras and Michael Moore.

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