Pretty____Ideas, the Indie Filmmaker’s Dream, Hopes to ‘Maximize Your Film’s Potential’

Is Pretty__Ideas the answer to struggling indie filmmakers’ problems?

Earlier this month, we announced the launch of an exciting new venture, Pretty__Ideas. Its objective—to support a film, financially and otherwise, from inception to theaters—is lofty, but we think it just might be what the doctor ordered for struggling indie filmmakers. Under the banner of sales company Visit Films, founder Ryan Kampe hopes to preclude problems in post-production, sales, and distribution by getting involved with a project while it is just a twinkle in its mother’s eye.

No Film School spoke with Pretty__Ideas’ first hire, Jennifer Sperber, who left a position at the Weinstein Company to head up development for the new incubator. In the midst of IFP Film Week’s back-to-back pitch sessions (which are often likened to speed dating), Sperber discussed the company’s process, the films and filmmakers it’s looking to invest in, and the problem with waiting too long to think about distribution.

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