Superhero Bits: Stan Lee’s One Marvel Movie Criticism, Justice League Dark Guide & More

Spider-Man: Homecoming - Tom Holland Visits Children's Hospital

Need to learn about Justice League Dark now that a movie is looking more likely? How was Baron Zemo originally supposed to be introduced in Captain America: Civil War? Could Superman‘s simple Clark Kent disguise actually work in the real world? Which one character portrayal in a Marvel movie was Stan Lee disappointed in? How should Captain America: Civil War have ended? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Rob Liefeld brings his excitement to toys again to prove how Deathstroke is not like Deadpool.

Get a refresher on the villains that Supergirl faced in the show’s inaugural season before the second season begins.

Nothing else matters in this new trailer for the third season of Gotham, returning to Fox in October.

Kevin Smith starts working on his next episode of The Flash next week, and he promises more action stuff.

Comic expert Dan Casey at Nerdist runs through everything you need to know about Justice League Dark.

Tyler Hoechlin talks about the process of becoming Superman when shooting the second season of Supergirl.

Tom Holland stopped by another children’s hospital in the Spider-Man suit while on a break from shooting.

The second episode of the Telltale Batman Series, Children of Arkham, will arrive on September 20th this fall.

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