Terrence Malick’s ‘Voyage of Time’ Producers on Making an Epic Cosmic History of the Universe

Inside the daunting process of bringing the history of the universe to the big screen.

Science and art are more similar than meets the eye. Though the methodology may be worlds apart, both disciplines are born of curiosity, grasp at truth, and ultimately arrive at wonder. «The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious,» Albert Einstein once said. «It is the source of all true art and science.»

Terrence Malick’s work is fueled by the mysterious interplay of science and art. In his breathtaking magnum opus Tree of Life, the veteran director explored the emotional echoes of cosmology through the story of a family. His latest undertaking, The Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey, is even more ambitious: spanning the entire history of the universe—14 billion years, to be exact—Malick trains his searching lens on earth’s primordial dawn.

«We’re really excited about the way the visual effects work. I think they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen.»

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