Venus Optics Teases a Very Different Macro Lens

Venus Optics showed off the new 24mm macro design that should let you get very close to very small things.

Venus Optics, which also markets some lenses under the Laowa brand name, showed off a new macro lens at Photokina this year: the 24mm f/14 2x Replay.

The 2x, sometimes also referred to as 2:1, refers to the intensity of the macro power of the lens—in terms of the relationship to the object being photographed in reality, versus the size of the object on the image sensor. In normal photography, objects are much larger in front of the lens than they are on the sensor. (Your 6-foot-tall actor is less than an inch tall on the image plane.) Macro photography, on the other hand, is when the size of the object in the scene appears close to its size on the sensor; the intensity of the macro power is often discussed in terms of that ratio.

Venus Optics has a good history of making interesting lenses available at affordable prices.

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