Vintage Cinema Lens Library is the Most Exhaustive Lens Test We’ve Ever Seen

Behold: the most comprehensive library of vintage cinema lens imagery possible.

There is a lot of bad advice about lenses floating around in the world of filmmakers. You can say, «Brand X is really sharp and clinical,» or «Brand Y is really flattering to skin tones,» but without a solid test, you never really know precisely the effects of a lens. Sure, maybe it's flattering to skin tones—but, then again, maybe that actor just has great skin. Needless to say, unless you have a real side-by-side lens shoot comparing the exact same scene with the exact same lighting and cast, it's hard to discern between lenses.

Many of us have done lens comparisons of one or two sets of lenses to make a final decision for a project, but a group of LA filmmakers—Mark LaFleur, Brent Barbano, and Kyle Stryker—decided they wanted to compare all of the cinema lenses available.

«I wanted to create the lens test that I’ve always been wishing for when I’ve been doing my own research.»

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