Must See Filming Location: Dr. Frankenfurter’s house from the original ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’

This is the season when most neighborhood theaters (and this year, FOX) play The Rocky Horror Picture Show for fans who come out in droves with their toilet paper, rice and flashlights in hand. S,o appropriately, this week's featured filming location is Dr. Frankenfurter's house. The castle in the original film is actually the Oakley Court Hotel in England. Oakley Court has been used in several horror films, not just Rocky, (thanks to it’s dark, Gothic appearance), including The Curse of Frankenstein and The Plague of the Zombies. Unlike many films where only exteriors are shot on location, the castle – which was built in 1859 for Sir Richard Hall Say – was also used for interior scenes because, at the time, the inside of the residence was quite deteriorated. The original staircase and the Gryphens outside the main entrance can be prominently seen in the movie, and are still intact today. The completely restored hotel gets good reviews and everyo ne seems to love the picturesque setting. Located less than an hour outside of London, it makes a nice overnight stay away from the city, too. You can find the hotel at Windsor Road, Water Oakley, Windsor, Berkshire.

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