U.S.Ahhhh! These Are the Most Loved Horror Flicks in Each of the 50 States

Each U.S. state has declared these horror films to be there #1 favorite.

Happy Halloween, NFSers! Whether you are gearing up to pass out bite-size candies or pass out from eating too many bite-size candies, one thing we’re all going to be doing on the scariest night of the year is sitting down to watch our favorite horror films. And interestingly enough, the film you choose may actually have a lot to do with which state you live in. This is according to a study conducted by Influenster, which surveyed 15,237 individuals across the U.S. to find out which film was most popular in each state. Check out the infographic below, and then continue on to find out which horror flick is the reigning champion of the United States!

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