Catching up with Black List lab writers

Reflections of writers who participated in 2013–2016 Black List labs.

2014 Black List Screenwriting Lab session in Las Vegas

Since 2013, the Black List has hosted 9 screenwriting labs. Recently Kate Hagen, director of community at @theblcklst, reached out to the writers who have participated in the labs to see how things are going. Quite well, as it turns out. Here are links to those reports:

Update: 2013 Black List Screenwriting Lab

Update: 2014 Black List Screenwriting Lab

Update: 2015 Chicago, New York, and Toronto Black List Screenwriting Labs

Update: 2015 Los Angeles and San Francisco Screenwriting Labs

Update: 2016 Black List Screenwriting Lab

Scripts optioned. Writers signing with reps. TV staff writing positions. Movies made. Nicholl winner. Lots of wonderful stories and in general, great to see the creative spirit flowing from these talented individuals.

I'm proud to have been a mentor at every single Black List writing lab event along with some incredible screenwriters who took time from their busy schedules to work with the lab participants.

To learn more about the various Black List writing opportunities, go here.

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