Daily Dialogue — March 19, 2017

JERRY: No, see, I don't need a finder's fee, I need — finder's fee's, what, ten percent, heck that's not gonna do it for me. I need the principal.
STAN: Jerry, we're not just going to give you seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
WADE: What the heck were you thinkin'? Heck, if I'm only gettin' bank interest, I'd look for complete security. Heck, FDIC. I don't see nothin' like that here.
JERRY: Yah, but I — okay, I would, I'd guarantee ya' your money back.
WADE: I'm not talkin' about your damn word, Jerry. Geez, what the heck're you?… Well, look, I don't want to cut you out of the loop, but this here's a good deal. I assume, if you're not interested, you won't mind if we move on it independently.

Fargo (1996), written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

The Daily Dialogue theme this week: Jealousy, suggested by Shannon Corbeil.

Trivia: Jerry's father-in-law is named Stan Grossman. In Little Miss Sunshine, Richard's book connection is named Stan Grossman.

Dialogue On Dialogue: There are several layers to Jerry's desperate plans but part of it is his jealousy of his father-in-law. Not so much the man, but wanting to play with the Big Boys.

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