Daily Dialogue theme next week: Jealousy

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The Daily Dialogue theme for next week: Jealousy, suggested by Shannon Corbeil.

Fatal Attraction (1987)

Lots of movies with jealousy as a key dynamic. Can we generate 7 strong movie moments with memorable dialogue featuring the ol' green eye syndrome?

What to do:

  • Copy/paste dialogue from IMDb Quotes or some other transcript source.
  • Copy/paste the URL of an accompanying video from YouTube or some other video source.
  • Any trivia about the movie which you think would be of interest to readers, we always welcome that.

I'd also ask you to think about why the dialogue is notable. Is there anything about the dialogue which provides some takeaway related to the craft of writing? If so, feel free to share your Dialogue On Dialogue

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Upcoming schedule of themes:

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May 15-May 21: Mealtime
May 22-May 28: Hospital [Angry Cyborg]
May 29-June 4: Seduction
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June 12-June 18: Telephone
June 19-June 25: Unexpected Death [Angry Cyborg]
June 26-July 2: Voiceover

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Be sure to post your ideas for this week's theme: Last Words.

Continued thanks to all of you Daily Dialogue devotees, your suggested dialogue and dialogue themes. Grateful for your ongoing support of this series!

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