‘The Discovery’: Why Indie Guru Charlie McDowell Chose Netflix for His Sundance Premiere

Charlie McDowell’s Netflix film, ‘The Discovery,’ asks: If the afterlife was proven to exist, would you take the shortcut there?

In 2014, Charlie McDowell announced his presence as a daring new indie filmmaker to watch with The One I Love, a surreal portrait of a relationship in disrepair. When a couple (Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass) embarks on a would-be therapeutic weekend getaway, they find themselves inducted into a strange universe where fact and fiction are subjective, forcing them to reckon with their perceptions of one another and their own identities at large. It’s the kind of original premise that eludes many first-time filmmakers, and Moss and Duplass’ performances anchor the film in a deeply philosophical—and often quite terrifying—reality.

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