Free HDR Firmware is Coming to Economical Cameras

It’s time to get up to speed on HDR.

Sony recently announced HDR support by implementing the Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) standard in free firmware updates for the FS5 and Z-150 cameras, to be released in July 2017.

Sony has been quietly updating multiple video product lines for over a year to be HDR-compliant. We expect this trend to increase in pace over the next year, industry-wide. Panasonic also recently pre-announced a summer HLG firmware update for its new GH5 DSLR.

What is HLG, and why should you care?

HLG is a broadcast standard developed to economically deliver 4K HDR video across large networks. The most important thing to understand is that HLG combines a gamma curve (rec. 709 is an SDR gamma curve) in the darks with a log curve in the highlights. This hybrid creates an overall greater dynamic range in images.

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