Interview (Written): Kelly Reichart

Writer-director of Wendy and Lucy, Night Moves, Certain Women.

A Little White Lies interview with filmmaker Kelly Reichart whose movie credits include Wendy and Lucy, Night Moves, Certain Women.

What do you love about movies?

That changes over years. I grew up in Florida. Growing up in Miami in the '70s, it was kind of a cultural void. So when I got to Boston and found the rep house and I took a class on Fassbinder, who I didn't even know, at first it just blew my mind. It was so exciting and I consumed a huge amount of cinema in the next 20 years. Then, you know, I've been teaching film for 20 years now, and then making films. Those are all really different film experiences. I would say the years of purely loving to go to the movies to watch films from different places and different genres and periods of filmmaking, that, I wish I could get back to that. I can't get back there because it's hard for me not to take films apart when I'm watching them so it's easier for me to not watch contemporary films. It's still a great thing to get lost in a film. It's just that filmmaking is not as carefree a thing as it once was.

Here is a trailer for Certain Women:

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