‘Forever Now’: The Heartbreaking Short That Won SXSW Was Entirely Improvised

Kristian Håskjold’s SXSW Jury Prize-winning short is a portrait of a dying relationship.

When a relationship ends, closure can be a chimera. Often, at least one party is left alone in a room with questions that may have no answers. But what if you had one weekend to unpack it all—the infidelities, the insecurities, the shortcomings, the emotional missteps?

It’s not surprising that Kristian Håskjold’s nuanced SXSW-winning short film Forever Now is based on real heartbreak. The film is visceral and raw, rooted in that intimate realism known only to low-budget stories about troubled love, such as Blue Valentine or Like Crazy. Like those films, Forever Now is personal and, therefore, universal: it will cause every audience member to reflect on the pain and passion of their own past relationships.

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