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The Enduring Legacy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 20 Years Later.

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' at 20: How a Monster-Killing Teen Changed TV Forever.

'Buffy' at 20: Joss Whedon Talks TV Today, Reboot Fatigue and the Trouble With Binging.

Another Writers' Strike May Be Looming.

Will Writers Strike Again? Here's What's At Stake As WGA Negotiations Loom.

Is TV Writers Income In Decline? Fact-Checking WGA Leaders' Claims In Pre-Negotiations Manifesto.

'Moonlight' is the Most Frugal Best Picture Ever: See Analysis of the 10 Lowest-Budget Winners of all Time.

'Moonlight' Postmortem: How To Win Best Picture in 5 (Not So) Easy Steps.

'Moonlight' Enjoys Strong Oscar Bump at Box Office.

'Moonlight,' 'Spotlight' and the shadow of a new best-picture era.

'La La Land' Live Score Concert Tour With 100-Piece Symphony Orchestra Kicks Off This May.

'Logan': The Meshing Of Superheroes And Minimalism.

'Logan': 10 Ways Hugh Jackman and James Mangold Convinced Fox to Make A Bold and Bloody Superhero Movie.

'Get Out': Jordan Peele Gets Into Horror.

17 Buzziest Movies and TV Shows at SXSW.

Viacom Enters Into Second Round Of Interviews With Paramount Pictures' Candidates.

Paramount's Chinese Partners Haven't Paid a Penny of Promised $ 1 Billion.

Apple execs vying for original movie, TV deals.

More Selective Moviegoers to Blame for China's Box Office Chill.

Why China's Screenwriters Are Thriving.

Why Indian Censorship Is Hurting the Country's Cinema.

IMDb Introduces 'F for Female' Rating to Represent Women in Film.

The 19 Best Movies That You Didn't See in 2016.

Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins on That Oscars Shocker: The Morning-After Interview.

'Get Out' Is the First of Many 'Social Thrillers' Jordan Peele Has Planned.

Dustin Lance Black, the Screenwriter Behind "Milk" and "When We Rise," on Coming Out As a Gay Activist.

The 12 Lives of Mike White, Hollywood Screenwriter.

'Ender's Game' Author Orson Scott Card Placed Second in Anonymous Screenwriting Contest.

The emotional reality of "Logan".

Indiana Jones Returns to Punch Even More Nazis in 'Indy 5', Coming 2019.

Terry Gilliam Has Begun Shooting 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,' For Real This Time.

Keegan-Michael Key On Why Less Money Means Smarter Movies.

Origin of 'Kong': The Unbelievable True Backstory of Hollywood's Favorite Giant Ape.

Ford Mustang found in Mexican junkyard is from 'Bullitt,' expert confirms.

'Reservoir Dogs' Video Game Will Let You Cause Bloody Mayhem.

'9 to 5' Turns 35, and It's Still Radical Today.

Hitchcock Family Backs Fight to Save Art-Deco Movie Theater.

The Black List named one of five 2017 Arts Entrepreneurship Awards Honorees.

For The Coen Brothers, Texas is a State of Mind.

The Screenwriter of 'Die Hard' Finally Explained a Major Plot Hole.

The Enduring Magic of 'Lethal Weapon' and Why We're Never Too Old for This Shit.

Showgirls' Joe Eszterhas is now in the faith-based screenwriting game.

Arthouse Audit: 'Table 19' Leads Weak Post-Oscar Field.

Indie Spirit Awards & American Airlines Launch New Award for Female Directors.

The Future of Indie Filmmaking Could Happen on Amazon Prime.

Beyond A24: How Hip New Distributors Are Targeting Millennial Tastemakers With Bold Films.

TVs Accounted for Little More Than Half of Video Viewing Last Year.

32 Female Creators Who Made Great TV In 2016.

George Saunders: What writers really do when they write.

More U.S. Households Now Have Netflix Than a DVR.

Read: Doug Richardson — A Thrilling Change.

Listen: 3rd & Fairfax — the WGA Podcast (Episode 50).

Listen: Scriptnotes (Episode 291).

Watch: How Hayao Miyazaki's Obsession With Flight Defines His Career.

Watch: Pulp Fiction and the Scorsese Homage.

Watch: 'Breaking Bad' — The Movie.

Watch: Bill Murray in animated "Happy Street" music video.

Scott Lew, Inspirational Screenwriter Who Fought ALS to the End, Dies at 48.

Robert Osborne, Beloved Host of Turner Classic Movies, Dies at 84.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week

Imagine having your very own private script workshop. A structured environment with content and a schedule tailored to meet your specific creative needs. Your own unique online course site. And a one-on-one mentor relationship with a professional screenwriter and educator.

You can do this through Screenwriting Master Class.

Perhaps all you need is a 4-week rewrite workshop to add more depth to a couple of characters in your script and polish the overall dialogue.

Maybe you have gotten through a few drafts of your story, but you need to do a page 1 rewrite.

You could have already worked out your story and want guidance during the first draft process.

Or you're starting with a concept and want to do prep and page-writing.

Maybe you are a beginner looking to learn the essentials of screenwriting and end up with a finished screenplay.

At Screenwriting Master Class, we can create private script workshops to match up with your individual goals as a writer.

Since launching SMC in 2010, Tom Benedek and I have worked with writers of all backgrounds and interests in the context of numerous private script workshops. Here are testimonials from two:

"Working with Scott in SMC's private workshop was an invaluable experience. The private workshop gave me the attention I needed to address my script's problem. I was so impressed with the quality of his teaching, the way the course was structured and the interactive process. In the end, not only did Scott help me solve my character problem, he elevated my script as a whole. He is a wonderful mentor and I learned a lot about the craft of screenwriting." — Gladys Stone, screenwriter of "Tulio" (Semifinalist, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition)

"Working with Scott in a private workshop arrangement through SMC greatly accelerated my screenwriting knowledge and craftsmanship. Scott is a most dynamic, gifted and generous educator. He offered a holistic, character-driven approach to story that helped bring out my best as a writer. The flexible syllabus of the mentorship invites exploration of creative impulses without fear of losing direction or purpose. The script on which Scott consulted placed in the top one percent of the 2011 AFF screenwriting competition and has opened industry doors. Most importantly the SMC has cemented lasting self confidence in my abilities as a writer." — Gyan Alexander, screenwriter of "Convinced" (Seminfinalist, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition, signed with Madhouse Entertainment)

People who have done private script workshops through Screenwriting Master Class include professional screenwriters, best-selling non-fiction authors, playwrights, and novelists, as well as beginning, intermediate and advanced writers.

One popular approach: Combine Prep: From Concept to Outline, Pages I: The First Draft, and Pages II: Rewriting Your Script enabling you to take a story from its inception all the way through final polish — all with a knowledgeable mentor.

Here are three big reasons to consider an SMC private script workshop:

  • Writing a screenplay involves making thousands of choices about characters, plot, theme and so forth. Wouldn't it be helpful to have feedback from a professional to help steer you through the process enabling you to avoid huge story pitfalls that could derail your scripting process?
  • Writing a screenplay is a thankless, lonely job. Wouldn't it be great to have the ongoing support of a professional to enable you to overcome inevitable story problems and emotional downswings?
  • Writing a screenplay is a mystery. Wouldn't it be wonderful to learn proven principles and practices from a professional with years of experience working in the entertainment industry, an approach to writing you can use again and again on your future stories?

For more information, contact us here.

Tom and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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