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Writers Guild Contract Talks Begin Amid Anxiety.

WGA Wants Producers To Address Pay "Inequities" For Writing Teams.

SXSW 2017 Award Winners: 'Most Beautiful Island' and 'The Work' Win Jury Competition Prizes.

7 standouts from this year's SXSW Film Festival.

Movie Studio Profits Face More "Punishment" In 2017.

Why "PG Has Become the New Go-To" Rating for Studio Movies.

Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' Inspires the Latest Social Media Craze: The #GetOutChallenge.

2017 Is Horror's Best Year at the Box Office in a Long Time.

What's Behind Pop Culture's Love for Silent, Violent Little Girls?

Beauty and the beat: Why we're still being swept off our feet by the musical.

'The Batman' Delayed as the Script is Rewritten From Scratch.

Warner Bros Ponders More Of 'The Matrix'.

Warner Bros. Wants Another DC Movie to Shoot This Year, But Which One Will It Be?

'The Matrix': Why Relaunching the Franchise Without the Wachowskis Is A Terrible, Terrible Idea.

Michael De Luca Turns Down Paramount Pictures Offer.

Skydance Launches Animation Division, Two Movies in the Works.

Scott Stuber To Lead Netflix's Feature Film Foray.

Netflix Will Finance The Completion And Distribute Orson Welles' Last Film 'The Other Side Of The Wind'.

Netflix's Latest Streaming Record: Members Viewed 250 Million Hours of Video on a Single Day in January.

5 Takeaways From 'Legion' Creator Noah Hawley's SXSW Conversation.

Is Steven Spielberg's Trump-Timed 'The Post' the Start of a New Wave of Movies That Matter?

Screenwriter Gary Whitta Says Future 'Star Wars' Movies Will Move Beyond Legacy Characters.

All-female 'Juno' live-read will raise money for Planned Parenthood.

The Writer With All the Gifts: M.R. Carey Reveals How He Adapted His Own In-Progress Novel.

This Is Our Final Plea: Stop Soundtracking Movie Trailers With Somber, On-the-Nose Covers.

Mesmerizing Map Renames LA Streets After Your Favorite Films.

'Get Out' Producer Jason Blum on Hollywood's Leadership Crisis and Missing Out on 'La La Land'.

How 'The Force Awakens' Got J.J. Abrams to Broadway.

Gareth Edwards on the 'Rogue One' Ending and How He Got Away With It.

What We Thought About Edgar Wright's First Draft Screenplay Of 'Baby Driver'.

Coming to America 2': Eddie Murphy Writing A Sequel.

Peter Bart: Amazon Raises Bet On Movie Business, But Rivals Still Baffled About Long-Term Strategy.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Why 'Get Out' Is 'Invasion of the Black Body Snatchers' for the Trump Era.

Alfred's Girls: The Women Of Hitchcock Horror.

6 Filmmaking Tips from Walt Disney.

TV Gets Woke: How Scripted Series Are Confronting Social Issues Like Never Before.

A Medium With a Message: Inside TV's Long History of Tackling Social Issues.

Legion's Renewal Signals Fox's New Approach to Superheroes Is Working.

How Stephen Colbert Got His Groove Back.

Vince Gilligan Remembers 'Breaking Bad'.

How Heinz Brought A Fictional "Mad Men" Campaign To Life.

Here are the top 10 grammar mistakes people make, according to Microsoft.

The Bitter Script Reader: "The Black List didn't get me a career so it's a total lie!"

Gavin Polone: Why Women Really Make Less Money in Hollywood (and How to Fight Back).

Read: Interview with Seth Meyers.

Read: Why Netflix Really Bums Me Out Sometimes.

Read: Hal Ashby's Long-Lost Final Script, Written for Marlon Brando.

Listen: Kurt Cobain's Isolated Vocal Track From 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' 1991.

Listen: 3rd & Fairfax (Episode 51).

Listen: You Had Us At Hello (Episode 1).

Watch: 30-Minute 'Song To Song' Talk With Terrence Malick.

Watch: Blue Shining (Kubrick x Lynch).

Watch: Brought to a Boyle.

Watch: Teaser Trailer for Pixar's "Coco".

Watch: "Let's go home" supercut.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week

In almost every movie, the most critical character is the Protagonist.

  • Typically the story is told through their perspective.
  • Their goal usually dictates the end point of the plot.
  • All the other primary characters are somehow linked to the Protagonist.
  • Normally they go through the most significant metamorphosis.
  • And the Protagonist acts as the main conduit into the story for a script reader and moviegoer.

So guess what? You need to create a Protagonist that grabs a reader's attention and keeps it for 100+ pages.

How to do that?

That's what we will be exploring in my upcoming 1-week online class "Create a Compelling Protagonist".

Go beyond writing a 'sympathetic' Protagonist. Dig deeper than giving your Protagonist a 'flaw.' That is surface level writing. In this class, you will learn an approach that will help you immerse yourself into this key character, and craft a Protagonist worth writing… and reading.

This class not only explores proven ways to help you create a compelling character, it also lays out an approach you can use as the groundwork for developing the rest of your story.

Seven lectures, 24/7 forum feedback, insider tips, 90-minute teleconference, and the opportunity to workshop your story's Protagonist [or Protagonists].

Plus if you're a fan of the movies Bridesmaids, The Social Network and Up, we'll be using those as our study scripts. They offer a diverse set of Protagonists and yet the approach we will study next week shows how a writer can craft such compelling and different lead characters.

It all starts Monday, March 27. You can learn more and sign up here.

Here are some observations from writers who have taken the class with me:

"One week of Creating a Compelling Protagonist challenged me in ways I couldn't challenge myself. If you want to develop your ideas, this is a rare opportunity at great value. Thank you, Scott!" — Brianna Garber

"I've taken a ton of classes, both inside and outside film school, and this was one of the best. The material provided a ton of inventive ways to approach the development of a solid, three-dimensional protagonist, and helped me dig deeper into the character's internal world — forcing me to reject easy solutions, the first ideas that came to mind." — Jason Young, 2016 Black List Feature Writer Lab selectee

"Scott generously offers up his knowledge, insight, time and resources, so that in just one week a fully formed character can begin to lead you into your story." — Ellen Musikant

"A class that is perfect for anyone looking to learn the primary character archetypes, their psychology, and how they relate to the protagonist. The lectures provide thorough examples of these character archetypes in modern and classic movies, and the online forums were a hotspot to ask questions about the material or anything related to screenwriting. Scott's style of teaching is highly accessible to anyone, as he creates an environment of easy, open discussion on the subject of character and welcomes any other questions you may have along the way." — Kristen Vincent, sold spec script "Fetch"

This 1-week Craft course is coupled with another class: Write A Worthy Nemesis. That begins Monday, April 10. For information on that session, go here.

This is the only time I will be offering these Craft classes in 2016, so take this opportunity and sign up now!

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