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Will Hollywood Writers Go on Strike: The Tricky Economics of 'Peak TV'.

WGA Negotiators Call For Strike-Authorization Vote.

Fox's Stacey Snider Mulls New Approach to Cash Break-Even Deals.

If Trump Kills the NEA, Independent Film Will Lose Much More Than The Money.

Seven Influential Filmmakers Whose Careers Were Launched By Federal Funds.

A New McCarthyism in Hollywood?

Artemis Women in Action Film Festival Announces 2017 Honorees.

Women in Film Adds Six to 2017 Board of Directors.

Asian Americans Saw More Movies Last Year Than Any Other Ethnic Group.

Disproving the 'black films don't travel' Hollywood myth

Average Movie Ticket Prices Rose 3 Percent in 2016.

Appeals Court Rules TV Streamers Don't Get Compulsory License to Broadcast Networks.

Disney Hit With Lawsuit Claiming 'Zootopia' Ripped Off 'Total Recall' Writer.

Jim Gianopulos Getting Greenlight Authority for Movies Up to $ 100 Million in Paramount Deal.

UTA Promotes 9 Agents to Partner.

Oscars: 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Get Out' Meet the Voters.

'Beauty and the Beast's' Secret to Success: Female Power and Comfort.

Disney Goes Down the Rabbit Hole With Possible 'Beauty and the Beast' Follow-Ups.

'CHiPS' — The Movie: Why a straight remake would be laughed out of the cinema.

Rogue One director explains why the original ending didn't work.

Three Different 'Rogue One' Endings: Everything We Know About Each Version of the Final Battle.

Disney CEO Bob Iger Promises Long Future Of 'Star Wars' Movies.

Meet the man whose job it is to remember the ENTIRE Star Wars canon.

He believed in 'Power Rangers' when nobody else did, and it turned him into a billionaire.

'Power Rangers' Producer Planning Five Sequels.

Why 'Logan' is the Best Live-Action Version of a Disney Classic in Theaters Right Now.

The director of 'Logan' delivered a brutal critique of big-budget superhero movies.

We're Living in a Golden Age of Onscreen Violence.

We Need To Talk About The Word "Remake".

Screenwriter Zak Penn says his new 'Matrix' movie is not a "reboot" or "remake".

Take a Number and Wait: Bureaucracy in the On-Screen Afterlife.

The uncanny disembodiment of Scarlett Johansson.

10 great fish-out-of-water films.

Brain Waves Can Predict Box Office Success, Study Says.

Dear Screenwriters: Please Scrap That Big Speech Where Your Hero Complains About Social Media.

'Loving' Director Jeff Nichols Launches Arkansas Cinema Society, With a Festival in 2018.

Michael H. Weber to Give Screenwriters Lab Master Class.

Bobby Farrelly Outlines His Problem With Modern Comedy: People Are 'Thin Skinned' and 'Sensitive'.

George R.R. Martin Opens a Non-Profit Film Studio in Santa Fe.

Great Books That Hollywood Needs to Adapt Into Movies.

Noah Baumbach and Kenneth Lonergan Want to See Movies They've Never Seen Before With You.

Eraserhead: The true story behind David Lynch's surreal shocker.

The Hollywood Exec and the Hand Transplant That Changed His Life.

Is It Time to Revive the Animated Live-Action Movie?

The 10 Greatest TV to Film Adaptations.

A Dozen Takeaways From the UCLA Entertainment Symposium.

Off the Beaten Path: Niche Subscription Video Services Between Boom and Bubble.

BS Renews 18 Series, Including Freshman Shows 'Bull,' 'Kevin Can Wait'.

TV's twisted love of time travel.

When Should You Punt on a Television Show?

'The Leftovers' Creator Damon Lindelof Encourages You Not to Binge TV Shows.

Why Most Early Channel Packages Aren't So 'Skinny' After All.

TV's Dead Zone: How the Cable Sector Is Killing Off Struggling Networks.

How Do You Get To Be a Showrunner?

Netflix May Pan and Scan Its Original Movies and TV Series to Better Accommodate Mobile Watchers.

Tim League Refutes Netflix's Reed Hastings On Movie Theater Innovation.

Studios Flirt With Offering Movies Early in Home for $ 30.

Studios Prepare to Shorten Theatrical Window Before Home Viewing.

Binge Boom: Young U.S. Viewers Gulp Down Average of 6 TV Episodes per Session.

MGM Is Developing Original Shows for Snapchat Discover.

Apple Launches Snapchat-Like Video Clips App.

YouTube Loses Major Advertisers Due to Distasteful Videos.

AARP Studios Launches With Don Rickles Interview Show.

Twitter wants to start charging you for a slightly better Tweetdeck experience.

How the New York Times' mobile-first strategy has turned millennials into its biggest audience.

Men Grin and Women Scream: A New Analysis of Gendered Words in Fiction.

Shakespeare Edited for the Trump Era.

Read: Neil Turitz — How About Building the Film Before We Build the Universe?

Read: Chuck Wendig — A Reminder Of What Makes A Real Writer.

Read: Chuck Wendig — So, You Wanna Be A Professional Writer? Some Considerations!

Read: New Yorker — Development Hell.

Listen: Scriptnotes (Episode 293).

Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson — Finding Purpose In Life.

Watch: Pixar — Image Computing (1988).

Watch: Stephen Hawking's New Voice.

An Appreciation: How Chuck Berry Created the Template for Rock 'n' Roll.

Chuck Berry, Key Pioneer of Rock 'n' Roll, Dies at 90.

Chuck Barris, creator and host of 'The Gong Show,' dies at 87.

Legendary Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin dead at 88.


In almost every movie, the most critical character is the Protagonist.

  • Typically the story is told through their perspective.
  • Their goal usually dictates the end point of the plot.
  • All the other primary characters are somehow linked to the Protagonist.
  • Normally they go through the most significant metamorphosis.
  • And the Protagonist acts as the main conduit into the story for a script reader and moviegoer.

So guess what? You need to create a Protagonist that grabs a reader's attention and keeps it for 100+ pages.

How to do that?

That's what we will be exploring in my upcoming 1-week online class "Create a Compelling Protagonist".

Go beyond writing a 'sympathetic' Protagonist. Dig deeper than giving your Protagonist a 'flaw.' That is surface level writing. In this class, you will learn an approach that will help you immerse yourself into this key character, and craft a Protagonist worth writing… and reading.

This class not only explores proven ways to help you create a compelling character, it also lays out an approach you can use as the groundwork for developing the rest of your story.

Seven lectures, 24/7 forum feedback, insider tips, 90-minute teleconference, and the opportunity to workshop your story's Protagonist [or Protagonists].

Plus if you're a fan of the movies Bridesmaids, The Social Network and Up, we'll be using those as our study scripts. They offer a diverse set of Protagonists and yet the approach we will study next week shows how a writer can craft such compelling and different lead characters.

It all starts Monday, March 27. You can learn more and sign up here.

Here are some observations from writers who have taken the class with me:

"One week of Creating a Compelling Protagonist challenged me in ways I couldn't challenge myself. If you want to develop your ideas, this is a rare opportunity at great value. Thank you, Scott!" — Brianna Garber

"I've taken a ton of classes, both inside and outside film school, and this was one of the best. The material provided a ton of inventive ways to approach the development of a solid, three-dimensional protagonist, and helped me dig deeper into the character's internal world — forcing me to reject easy solutions, the first ideas that came to mind." — Jason Young, 2016 Black List Feature Writer Lab selectee

"Scott generously offers up his knowledge, insight, time and resources, so that in just one week a fully formed character can begin to lead you into your story." — Ellen Musikant

"A class that is perfect for anyone looking to learn the primary character archetypes, their psychology, and how they relate to the protagonist. The lectures provide thorough examples of these character archetypes in modern and classic movies, and the online forums were a hotspot to ask questions about the material or anything related to screenwriting. Scott's style of teaching is highly accessible to anyone, as he creates an environment of easy, open discussion on the subject of character and welcomes any other questions you may have along the way." — Kristen Vincent, sold spec script "Fetch"

This 1-week Craft course is coupled with another class: Write A Worthy Nemesis. That begins Monday, April 10. For information on that session, go here.

This is the only time I will be offering these Craft classes in 2017, so take this opportunity and sign up now!

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