Script Analysis: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” — Scene By Scene Breakdown

Reading scripts. Absolutely critical to learn the craft of screenwriting. The focus of this weekly series is a deep structural and thematic analysis of each script we read.

Today: A scene-by-scene breakdown of the script for the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, written by Nia Vardalos.

IMDb plot summary: A Portokalos family secret brings the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding.

The scene-by-scene breakdown was prepared by Nicole Leydecker.

Here is my take on this exercise from a previous series of posts — How To Read A Screenplay:

After a first pass, it's time to crack open the script for a deeper analysis and you can do that by creating a scene-by-scene breakdown. It is precisely what it sounds like: A list of all the scenes in the script accompanied by a brief description of the events that transpire.

For purposes of this exercise, I have a slightly different take on scene. Here I am looking not just for individual scenes per se, but a scene or set of scenes that comprise one event or a continuous piece of action. Admittedly this is subjective and there is no right or wrong, the point is simply to break down the script into a series of parts which you then can use dig into the script's structure and themes.

The value of this exercise:

  • We pare down the story to its most constituent parts: Scenes.
  • By doing this, we consciously explore the structure of the narrative.
  • A scene-by-scene breakdown creates a foundation for even deeper analysis of the story.

You may download a free, legal PDF of the script for here.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
Scene by Scene Breakdown
by Nicole Leydecker

P.1–7 It's a cold, fall morning in Chicago. We are introduced to the Portokalos clan one by one as Gus, the grandfather, picks up his grandchildren from each of the three homes lined up next to his own to take them to school.

P.1–3 The first house he stops at belongs to his daughter Toula, our hero from the first film, who now has a daughter, Paris (17). Both women hop in the car. History repeats itself as Gus now harps on Paris instead of Toula to get married before she gets too old. Paris is mortified as Toula tries to get Gus to back off. Gus tells Toula to find Paris a Greek boyfriend, not like her husband. As Toula argues with Gus an annoyed Paris tells her to stop.

P.2–4 The next house belongs to Toula's brother Nick, his wife Ilaria, their twin boys (4) and their son Costa (9). Gus's wife, Maria, runs out to give Gus his pills, but he dismisses her and instead fawns over Nick and Costa. As Costa gets in the car, he tells Paris she's wearing too much make-up. Toula feels a pang of envy as Costa kisses his parents goodbye.

P.5–6 The last house belongs to Toula's sister Athena, her husband Yianni, their son Aristotle (9) and their newborn baby. Athena tells Paris to come by the family restaurant and then criticizes Toula for letting Paris wear too much mascara as she tries to smudge it off of her.

P.6–7 The family drives by their cranky, nosey neighbor Mrs. White and say hello, but she does not say hello back. Gus challenges Costa and Aristotle to give him any word and he will prove the root of that word is Greek. The kids are having a ball, while Toula and Paris sit quietly.

P.7–9 Gus drops all the kids off at school. As Paris jumps out, Gus tells her to find a nice Greek boy and have babies. Toula follows after Paris, telling her she doesn't need to get married or have babies. Unfortunately for Paris, the cool kids (Tommy, Tiahn, Clifford) and her crush, Bennett, see this conversation. Paris gives her mother the cold shoulder and walks off by a banner that reads 'College Fair Tonight'. Toula is left dejected, remembering when Paris was a little girl who adored her, not a cranky teenager who seems to loathe her.

P.9–10 As Gus drives through Greektown, Toula realizes that she should have backed off the minute she started noticing her daughter pull away.

P.9–10 Flashback one: Paris is a line judge at a volleyball game. Toula is running the snack table and tries to get her daughter's attention by waving to her, but then get smacks in the head by a volleyball. The other volunteer moms, Marge and Edie laugh at her. The dreamy principal approaches her and lifts her up. This is Toula's husband, Ian. Toula sighs as she realizes she'll never be as cool as her husband. As Ian comforts Toula, Paris glares at her.

P.10 Gus nods off at the wheel as they pass the Seniors Rehab Center. Toula quickly wakes him up. She ponders that she is now taking care of her parents instead of her daughter.

P.10–11 Flashback two: Toula waits for her father at the Seniors Rehab Center as he does therapy for his hip.

P.11–12 Gus drives past the now closed Olympic Travel Agency and Olympic Dry Cleaning. Toula reminisces about being happy working as a travel agent, but the tight economy ended that profession. Gus pulls up to their family restaurant, Dancing Zorba's. Toula helps her dad out of the car and he slips, knocking off her glasses and then stepping on them. Inside the restaurant she grabs an old pair of glasses, her restaurant smock and looks in the mirror. She's right back to wear she started, looking downcast and frumpy. Toula grimaces she looks out the window watching the world pass her by.

P.12–13 Paris gazes out the hallway window alone, as other students talk together. She runs into her dad at the library. Ian is concerned that she's not in class and Paris goes off on him for being another family member that smothers her.

P.14–15 Toula is volunteering at the College Fair. Marge and Edie give her garbage duty because she was late. Ian tells Toula to stand up for herself, but she still feels like the same young girl who Marge and Edie picked on at school. Toula and Ian see Paris at the Northwestern University booth and get excited because that would mean she would stay in Chicago. Toula tries to talk to Paris but Ian pulls her back.

P.15–21 The whole family crashes the College Fair, including Maria, Gus, Uncle Taki, Aunt Voula, Angelo, Nikki, and all the kids and cousins. Maria and Nikki immediately jump on Paris giving her career advice. Gus and Uncle Taki run through available Greek boys for Paris. Ian's friend Mike (a police officer) shows up with his wife Marianthi (Toula's cousin), and Gus' mother, Mana-Yiayia. As the family crowds Paris at the Northwestern booth, her crush Bennett and his friend Clifford see the craziness. Gus and the Northwestern rep start arguing about Greek history. Paris tells her family she's applying to schools that are far away from them and storms off. Gus goes back to arguing with the rep that everyone is a descendent of Alexander the Greek.

P.21–23 It's late February and the family is working at Dancing Zorba's. Nick tries to set up Angelo with a girl but he's not interested. Paris begrudgingly does prep work as Toula tells her she knows she doesn't want to grow up to work at the restaurant like her, but she hopes she's stays in Chicago for college.

P.23–26 Gus brings Toula into his office and tells her not to worry about Paris; he'll find her a Greek boyfriend. Gus then asks Toula to teach him how to use a computer. He wants to use an ancestry website to prove to Maria that he is a descendant of Alexander the Great. This turns into a montage of Toula, Ian and Nick trying to help Gus learn how to use a computer over the course of several days. At the end of the montage Gus stumbles upon his marriage certificate and sees that the signature line is blank.

P.26–28 The whole family exits church. As they stand out front, Gus points to all the available Greek boys for Paris. Aunt Voula points out to Angelo all the available women. The priest introduces the family to Anna and George Mikoses. They recognize George as one of their local newscasters and start gushing over him. Gus finds out they have a son and tells Maria to invite them to their restaurant. Gus privately shows the priest his unsigned marriage certificate.

P.28–29 At the restaurant Gus tells Aunt Voula and Uncle Taki that he and Maria are not married. They're at a loss for words as Gus says during the war the local priest never signed the certificate and their current priest said he couldn't sign it. He's scared Maria will be upset.

P.29–32 Maria bursts out laughing once she's told the news. Uncle Taki and Aunt Voula watch on as Toula, Ian, Nick, Ilaria, Athena and Yianni are stunned. Gus tells her they can go to the priest today to get married. Maria wants Gus to propose properly to her this time, not "I'm going to America, you coming or not?" like last time. The men agree Gus' proposal was fine as the women wince. Ilaria says no one tells you the romance is gone once you get married. This hits home to Ian and Toula; Aunt Voula notices. Maria runs off upset. Athena tells Toula to go after Maria, but Aunt Voula tells the family she will talk to her.

P.32–35 Toula sorts laundry as she looks at a picture of four year old Paris. Aunt Voula tells Toula that Maria won't marry Gus until he proposes, and Gus isn't going to propose because Maria is too bossy. As Toula says she'll try and fix it, Aunt Voula tells her to not worry about her parents or Paris, but to focus on her husband instead. She tells her to set up a date, gives her a red satin nightgown, and says talk about anything but their daughter. Toula realizes Aunt Voula is right.

P.35–38 Ian waits patiently at an upscale restaurant. Toula walks up to the table. Both are cleaned up and ready for a night on the town. Their attraction for each other sparks back to life. They agree they need to work on the romance part of their relationship. Toula and Ian try to talk about other things, but realize all they want to do is talk about Paris. Their plan to keep Paris in state is to try reverse psychology and tell her to go out of state. However, this puts a damper on the date as Toula gets upset thinking about Paris leaving them.

P.38–42 Ian and Toula realize they shouldn't have talked about Paris as they pull up onto their street. They reminisce about when they used to park near her parent's home and fool around before he would drop her off. Things start to get hot and heavy until Gus shines a flashlight into their window. Aunt Voula, Maria and Paris are walking their dog and run over. Aunt Voula shoos Gus away from the car as Toula and Ian pull themselves together. They tell Paris they think she should go out of state for college, but Paris tells them reverse psychology won't work. Mrs.White walks up annoyed at all the commotion. Gus tells Ian it wasn't decent what they were doing in the street and then Maria says at least they are married. The crowd disperses as Maria and Gus bicker back inside. Ian and Toula pick up where they left off as Mana-Yiayia runs by wearing the red nightgown.

P.43–44 Gus' physical therapist chastises him for being late. He huffs that his wife wouldn't drive him as he sits down with several other men who are also doing physical therapy. As soon as the therapist leaves they all stop working out. Gus makes chitchat with the men to see if anyone is Greek. This turns into a competition of whose ancestry accomplished what. Gus tells them he is a descendant of Alexander the Great and they burst into laughter. The therapist comes back in and they start working out again as Gus sulks.

P.44–49 At Dancing Zorba's, Toula, Nick, Nikki and Angelo watch on as their family grumbles to one another. Gus complains to Uncle Taki that Maria won't take care of him anymore. Maria complains to Aunt Voula that Gus is too stubborn to propose. Ian and Paris come in. Paris complains about having to work at the restaurant instead of doing fun things for her senior year. Toula asks her if she is going to prom but Paris says no. Ian asks Toula if she wants to go on a date tonight and she says yes. George and Anna stop by with their son. Gus gets excited that he could be a boyfriend for Paris but we find out their son is only seven. Gus and Maria start arguing over whose restaurant it is as they lead George and Anna to a table. Ian tries to get Toula to stay out of it but she won't. Gus calls Maria his employee in front of all the customers and she storms off. Toula realizes Ian is gone.

P.49 Gus looks for Maria at home, but only finds a note that says, "Your employee is on strike."

P.49 Toula is the last one at the restaurant. She calls Ian but he doesn't pick up.

P.50 Toula drives home worried about Ian. She finds him asleep in their bed. She gets into bed and just as she leans in to kiss him goodnight, the phone rings. He awakes to her face too close to his and he screams as he grabs for the phone. Maria is on the line; Gus is stuck in the bathtub.

P.51 Toula, Ian, Nick, Angelo and Yianni all run across their lawns over to Gus' house.

P.51–54 They run into the master bedroom and Maria points to the bathroom. Gus' hip locked up and he's stuck naked in the bathtub. Maria said he's been stuck a few hours and he wouldn't let her call them. Maria leaves to drain the tub and put a towel over him. Ian wants to call an ambulance but the rest of the family says that Gus will never forgive them because it implies that he's old. Ian asks what else can they do. Nick says he had to flip a roast once in the kitchen and Angelo says he had to flip a dead body. The men decide to try and roll him over.

P.54 An ambulance and fire truck are outside the home. The neighbors have gathered outside, including Mrs.White, Marge and Edie. Mrs.White speculates that it's murder. Mike pulls up in his squad car and goes inside.

P.55–58 Ian, Nick, Angelo and Yianni are sitting on the ambulance's back fender huddled in blankets and being treated for cuts, bruises and sprains. Toula comforts Ian but then is called back to the house by Maria. Mrs.White gossips with Marge that she bets the grandma died. As soon as she says that Mana-Yiayia pops up next to her, startling Mrs.White. Gus gets wheeled out onto the stretcher and Maria tells Toula to go to the hospital with him because it's wife and family only and he doesn't have a wife. Marge and Edie devour this gossip. Gus sees Maria get smaller and smaller as he's wheeled down the driveway. He finally sits up and shouts out to Maria to marry him. Maria says yes and then asks Toula to take her to the hospital. As Toula goes to her car she hears the neighbors gossiping and ignores it, until she sees that Paris is hearing it as well. Toula calls out Marge and Edie for making fun of her family and she starts to tear up. Paris steps in and tells everyone goodnight. The neighbors get the hint and leave. Paris puts her arm around her mom and says she's going to the hospital too.

P.58–59 The next morning, Maria pulls out of her driveway and picks up Toula and Paris. Marge and Edie walk up and ask how Gus is doing with genuine concern. As they drive, Maria asks what that was all about. Paris says that Toula stood up to them last night. Maria is proud of Toula. Toula makes a joke and sees Paris actually smile. Paris asks Maria if she is really going to get married and Maria says that they are and this time they are going to do it right.

P.59–60 A montage of a chic wedding planner clashing with the family. The wedding planner picks out classy dresses, flowers, cakes, and limos, while Maria and the family have fun together as they decide on the tacky version of all those items.

P.60–61 It's almost spring. Ian gets the mail and it's the results of Paris' college applications. Toula and Ian are nervous as Paris tells Ian to open them. Ian tells her she's been accepted into Northwestern and NYU. Toula and Ian hug Paris proudly. Paris decides she wants to stay in Chicago and go to Northwestern. Toula and Ian celebrate.

P.61–63 Toula runs into Dancing Zorba's and tells Gus that Paris is staying in Chicago. Gus is happy for her and then proudly shows her the certified mail receipt to the ancestry website. He informs her he had a hard time remembering all the dates and names. Toula tells him he should have talked to his brother Panos in Greece. Gus gets upset and says his brother would just say it's stupid. Toula notices how well Gus moves around. He tells her he fixed his hip not by doing physical therapy, but with Windex. They talk about the wedding and how Gus can't afford it, and he doesn't want the family to pay for it.

P.63 Paris tells Mana-Yiayia she's going to stay here for college, but there's hesitation in her voice. Mana-Yiayia tells her that's not what she really wants. Maria walks in distraught; the wedding planner has fired her.

P.64–65 Toula tells Ian that Maria and Gus aren't getting married now and she needs to fix it. Ian asks her when are they going to fix their own relationship. He feels like she's always running around with her family and not spending anytime with him. She says that's what families do and he says mine doesn't. She asks him to please help her family get married. They hug and have a plan.

P.65–69 Later that evening the entire family (except for Maria and Gus) comes over to Ian and Toula's home. They talk about how expensive weddings are. Nikki calls out Angelo for never having a wedding. They realize that they don't need a wedding planner; they all have something they can contribute to make the wedding happen, either through themselves or people they know. Toula tries to take charge of the planning, but Aunt Voula steps in as the leader. Ian nudges Toula to let it go, and she does.

P.69 It's a gorgeous May day. The entire family walks down the street excitedly planning the wedding.

P.70–71 Paris sits on the grass at her high school campus eating lunch. She sees her crush Bennett talking to cool girl Tiahn. Bennett asks Tiahn to the prom, but before she can respond, Clifford marches up to her banging a drum as two of his friends follow him playing the recorder and ukulele. The whole school watches as Clifford asks Tiahn to prom. Tommy loudly asks her whom she is going to choose. Clifford asks Bennett why he asked his girlfriend to prom. Bennett is shocked; he had no idea they were dating. Tiahn kindly tells Bennett they just started dating and then tells Clifford she will go to prom with him. Tommy makes fun of Bennett as he just stands there. Paris walks up to Bennett and asks him to prom as the whole school watches. Bennett is surprised but says yes. As the students walk away, Bennett asks Paris what her name is.

P.71–72 Toula and Ian are so proud of Paris. She can't believe she did that. The excitement is cut short as she realizes prom is the same day as her grandparents wedding. Toula and Ian tell her to go to prom. Paris agrees and then drops another bomb; she's decided to go to NYU.

P.72 Toula sits in a dark room upset at Paris' decision.

P.72–73 It's a beautiful June day. Aunt Voula orders everyone around as they all prepare for the wedding. Angelo and his business partner Patrick help set up a lopsided tent. Nick and the grandchildren paint the fence blue and white.

P.73–75 A melancholy Toula is at Dancing Zorba's with the rest of the family getting the food ready. She realizes she can't tell them about Paris as she watches Ilaria hold her baby. Athena, Marianthi and Nick are working as Angelo and Patrick show up. Marianthi asks Toula what's wrong. Toula brushes it off but she's clearly upset. Angelo asks Nick what's wrong with her. Nick says she'll eventually tell him, because you can't keep a secret from family. This hits Angelo. Aunt Voula is beside him and points to Patrick and asks if he's his business partner or partner. Angelo finally admits that he's both. Aunt Voula and Nick are both supportive. Maria calls the family and tells them to come over to Nikki's to get their hair done.

P.75–78 All the women have a blast getting their hair done as Maria opens up gifts. The family is happy Paris is staying in Chicago. Toula motions to Paris not to tell them today. The ladies start joking about how to get out of having sex on your wedding night. Maria then tells Paris to keep her legs shut tonight. As Paris and Toula leave the other ladies take off to get dressed.

P.78 Angelo and Patrick bring a rack of wedding dresses up Maria's driveway. Toula and Paris get out of the car. Toula sees the mailman dropping off the mail at her parent's house next door. On a hunch, she walks over and sees that one of the letters is from the ancestry website. She takes it with her.

P.78–79 All the men are at Nick's house. Angelo has a rack of glittery tuxes he borrowed from a funk band. Ian tries on a too short tux. Gus and Uncle Taki play cards with Alexander the Great on them. Gus sees Nick get out of the car, but to his surprise his brother Panos also gets out of the car. Gus immediately gets upset. Uncle Taki tells him the kids did it for him as he goes outside to greet Panos with some shot glasses and Ouzo. Gus tells Ian that Panos was jealous over his success. Ian tells Gus it was a long time ago and gets him to come outside.

P.79–81 Gus and Panos say hello. It seems to be going well until Panos tells Nick he has a big house. Gus goes off on Panos and says that Nick deserves this. Panos says that he does too, but he stayed home because he is a real Greek. Nick steps in and gives everyone a shot glass. They all drink the Ouzo and begin raising a glass to one another. This warms the brothers back up and they embrace.

P.82–83 Toula sees the ancestry letter sitting in her purse. She thinks for a minute but then Paris comes down the stairs all dressed and ready for Prom. Paris asks Toula if she's a prom chaperone and Toula says no but she can if she wants her to be. Paris immediately says no. Toula asks her if she's always too close to her. Paris gently says yes. Toula says that she gets it and she's stepping back now, and even though Paris will be in New York, she will always be there for her. The doorbell rings and Bennett is there, along with the whole family behind him, including Maria in her wedding dress.

P.83–84 Paris and Bennett are in the limo on their way to prom. Bennett gingerly rubs his neck as he says her uncle hugs hard. There's silence and then Bennett asks if her grandma is getting married. She says yes and there's silence again. Bennett then asks where the rest of her family is that he saw at the college fair. He tells her they are like is family. She says not as big or as loud, but he says no one is as big or as loud as his Greek family. Paris asks him if he's Greek and he says yes. Paris looks out the window and smiles.

P.84–85 Ian's dad Rodney pulls up in his car with a wreath for the wedding. Ian asks him if he ever needs him. Rodney is confused as to why Ian is asking him this. Ian tells him that if he does ever need him to just call him. Rodney is touched as he gets back into his car. Toula runs out to Ian as Ian tells her he needs to make sure the chaperones at prom aren't drinking. Toula tells him not to spy on Paris. Maria pops her head out the window and asks Toula where the limos are. Toula tells Angelo to call Mike.

P.86 Three police cars with sirens speed through traffic. Mike drives car one, with Aunt Voula calming a nervous Maria in the back. Car two drives Toula, Athena and Nick looking queasy from the ride. Car three drives Gus, Uncle Taki and Uncle Panos as they drink. All three cars park outside the church.

P.87 Everyone is inside the church and admiring Mana-Yiayia's new hairdo from Nikki. Toula calls Ian but gets his voicemail. The congregation starts to laugh as they notice Gus, Uncle Taki and Panos are drunk.

P.87–88 Paris and Bennett are laughing and having a good time telling stories about their families. A drunk Clifford asks them where the bathroom is as an annoyed Tiahn follows him. Bennett thanks Paris for asking him to prom and then asks her to dance. Ian watches from the sidelines and then takes a step back.

P.89 The music plays as Maria happily walks down the aisle. Toula tries to block Gus from her mom's view, but Maria sees him giggling and can tell he's been drinking. Mortified, she runs away to the nearest open room. Athena shouts to Toula to do something. Toula and Athena run after her.

P.89–93 Toula asks Maria if she's ok. Maria is upset because Gus isn't taking this seriously. They peak out and see Mana-Yiayia throw cuffs on Gus and Panos. Toula tells her that he is now. The congregation is getting antsy as Nikki comes in. Maria says that maybe she should have stayed single and lead an adventurous life instead of taking care of a grouchy old man. Nikki goes and gets Aunt Voula as Maria screams out do men want a companion or a nurse. Aunt Voula tells Maria that Gus is a good man. Maria is not listening as she tries to take off her veil. Athena tells Toula to fix it and Toula says she's trying not to fix everything. Panos comes in and tells Maria that he remembers how happy Gus was to have someone to come along with him on his adventure to America. That he had a hopeful look and that's the look he has today. Maria warms to this information and says maybe her adventure was getting married and having a family. Maria decides she's rea dy to get married.

P.93–95 All the women run through the back alley and back into the church taking their places. Aunt Voula gives Gus a thumbs up. Gus tells Panos thank you as Maria walks down the aisle with Nick. Gus and Maria and united and smile as the priest begins. Toula is at the back of the church and tries to call Ian again. Ian shows up behind her. She tells him things did not go according to plan as he tells her he saw Paris. She doesn't ask him anymore about it. They watch on as the priest does the ceremony. Toula smiles at Ian, this is the first time they are really noticing each other. Toula asks Ian if he will marry her. Surprised, he says yes. He puts a daisy wreath on her head, mirroring the one her mother is wearing.

P.95 Paris and Bennett are having fun dancing to a fast song. It switches to a slow song. Bennett holds out his hand to Paris and she walks into his embrace.

P.96 A mini montage starts as Gus and Maria walk around the altar three times. Toula and Ian walk around a table three times. Bennett and Paris kiss, Gus and Maria kiss and Toula and Ian kiss.

P.96–98 A band plays Greek music in Gus and Maria's back yard. Food is everywhere. Ian is proud of Toula for putting this together. She says she couldn't have done it with out him. She admits she wasn't avoiding him; she's just been a mother for so long she forgot how to be a wife. Ian suggests they take a vacation and she jokes they should adopt a baby. They both laugh that they are newlyweds.

P.98–100 The party is in full swing as the Greek dancing line starts. Maria walks around saying thank you to all the guests. The men are doing shots as the kids do Gatorade shots. Aunt Voula, Nikki, and Uncle Taki head over to see Angelo and Patrick. Angelo asks his mom if she wants to dance, but they pull Patrick out onto the dance floor with them, officially embracing him into their family. Toula and Ian light up as Paris and Bennett show up. Toula tells Ian she has to do something. He follows her as she walks up to Gus and Maria. Toula tells Gus the letter came. He opens it and is ecstatic to learn he is in fact a descendent of Alexander the Great. He announces it to the whole party and everyone applauds. Nick shouts that means they are too and the crowd goes nuts. Ian asks Toula if she wrote that letter and she proudly says yes. The family dances, celebrates and then poses for a family photo.

P.100 The party is still in full swing as Toula takes the dog out. Mrs.White, Marge and Edie are standing on the front lawn wanting to go to the party. Mrs.White sees Toula and says the party is too loud. Toula asks the ladies if they would like to join the party. They do.

P.101 Paris is finally at NYU. She's admiring her dorm room as her roommate Elizabeth introduces herself and Paris introduces herself. Elizabeth asks if they're staying. The camera pans back to see that Paris' whole family is standing behind her. Toula and Ian say they are leaving. The family leaves some gifts behind, including Windex, and kiss Paris as they go. Toula looks back at Paris, says goodbye and closes the door.

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