SXSW’s 90-Minute Film School: Pitching, Festival Circuit, Promotion, and Release

Learn how to pitch, navigate the festival circuit, promote your film, and release it online, all in one handy resource.

The 90-Minute Film School panel at SXSW earlier this week pulled together both filmmakers and distributors to share their expertise on pitching films, finding the right film festivals, and promoting your film. The catch? Not everyone agreed on the same approaches. Below are the highlights.


There may be no group of people more experienced in the art of pitching than the animators at Pixar Studios. The company regularly holds meetings where the animators will come together to share their ideas, ultimately deciding what Pixar’s next short or feature will be. If John Lasseter likes an idea, it’s fleshed out through further rounds of meetings; eventually, he selects the idea with the most potential to be produced.

Needless to say, the animators go through a fair share of competition to get their idea made, but it’s healthy competition nonetheless.

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