The next Go Into The Story Read and Analysis Script: “The Invitation”

Read the script for the acclaimed indie thriller and discuss next week.

In 2015, we launched several initiatives at Go Into The Story. One of the best: A script read and analysis series. As a result, there are now 63 scripts GITS readers have analyzed. Moreover volunteers have written up scene-by-scene breakdowns, not only to serve as a foundation for our week-long discussions, but also to create an online resource for writers. To date, we have 53 scene-by-scene breakdowns. Thanks to Joni Brainerd, we'll be adding a new one next week.

Beginning Monday, March 20, we will spend a week digging into and analyzing the movie script The Invitation, written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi.

I'm a big fan of producer Mynette Louie and what she and her cohorts are doing at Gamechanger Films, a film fund for women directors, so when I saw The Invitation (directed by Karyn Kusama) was coming out last year, I made it a point to watch it on VOD the week it went into distribution. I loved it! I got in touch with Mynette who connected me with the movie's screenwriters Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, and we ended up having a great conversation about their careers, the craft of writing and their thriller movie The Invitation.

You can read my interview with the writers here.

For those who may have missed this taut low-budget thriller, here is a great chance to check it out. You may download a copy of the script here.

Our daily schedule next week:

Monday: Scene-By-Scene Breakdown
Tuesday: Major Plot Points
Wednesday: Characters
Thursday: Themes
Friday: Dialogue
Saturday: Takeaways

Finally allow me to use the words of one of Hollywood's hottest screenwriters to bludgeon you over the head with the value of reading scripts. From one of my most recent interviews, Jon Spaihts responds to my final question, What advice would you offer to aspiring screenwriters about learning the craft and breaking into Hollywood? Here's his answer:

Read the script and then watch the movie. Watch the movie and then read the script. Watch the movie with the script in your lap. Study the parts. You have to see through the surfaces. Being a fan is insufficient. Break it down. That means slowing it down and looking at it through a series of different lenses.

Once you've begun to do that, you can see what the parts of a screenplay and the parts of a movie do.

First thing Jon said: Read scripts.

Here's your chance to do just that by digging into The Invitation and analyzing the story all next week.

See you Monday!

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