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Links to organizations in U.S., Canada, Europe, and Oceana.

Through a combination of suggestions from the GITS community and Wendy Jane Cohen, here is an updated list of links to writing groups.


Dramatica Writers Group (Burbank, CA)
Ink Tank Group (Burbank/DTLA)
Hollywood Write Club (Hollywood, CA)
Script It Writers Group (Los Angeles, CA)
Sunday Night Screenwriter's Group (Los Angeles, CA)
Malibu Screenwriting Group (Malibu, CA)
Orange County Screenwriters (Orange County, CA)
Pasadena Area Screenwriting Group (Pasadena, CA)
Pomona-Claremont (Round-the-way) Screenwriters Group (Pomona, CA)
Coffee House Writers Group (San Dimas, CA)
South Bay Screenwriters (San Pedro, CA)
ScriptWrights (Studio City, CA)
Beyond Baroque Screenwriting Workshop (Venice, CA)
Ventura County Screenwriters Group (Ventura, CA)

UNITED STATES (Alphabetized by State)

Phoenix Screenwriters Association (Phoenix, AZ)
Tucson Writers Workshop (Tucson, AZ)
Berkeley Writers Circle (Berkeley, CA)
Desert Screenwriters Group (Palm Springs, CA)
Oxnard Screenwriters (Oxnard, CA)
San Diego Screenwriters Group (San Diego, CA)
San Francisco Screenwriters Group (San Francisco, CA)
Shut Up and Write! (San Francisco / Bay Area, CA)
Litchfield Hills Film Festival — Screenwriters Group (New Milford, CT)
Washington Screenwriters (Washington, D.C.)
Miami Screenwriters (Miami, FL)
Orlando Screenwriters Meetup (Orlando, FL)
Sarasota Writers Group (Sarasota, FL)
Atlanta Screenwriters Anonymous (Atlanta, GA)
Georgia Screenwriting Group (Hiram, GA)
Oahu Shut Up and Write (Honolulu, HI)
Chicagoland Screenwriters and Filmmakers (Chicago, IL)
Chicago Screenwrit ers Network (Chicago, IL)
New Orleans Screenwriters Group (New Orleans, LA)
Boston Screenwriters Group (Boston, MA)
Noho Screenwriters Workshop (Northampton, MA)
Baltimore Screenwriters Coffee Club (Baltimore, MD)
Minnesota Screenwriters Workshop (Minneapolis, MN)
Kansas City Scriptwriters (Kansas City, MO)
Las Vegas Screenwriters Group (Las Vegas, NV)
New Jersey Screenwriters Network (North NJ)
Long Island Screenwriters Group (New York, NY)
NYC Screenwriters Collective (New York, NY)
Shut Up and Write! (New York, NY)
American Screenwriter's Association (Cincinnati, OH)
Dysfunctional Screenwriters Society (Philadelphia, PA)
Philly Scriptwriters (Philadelphia, PA)
Tennessee Screenwriting Association (Nashville, TN)
Austin Screenwriters Group (Austin, TX)
Dallas Screenwriters Association (Dallas, TX)
San Antonio Screenwriters Guild (San Antonio, TX)
Salt Lake City Writers Group (Salt Lake City, UT)
Utah Screenwriter's Group (Salt Lake City, UT)
Northern Virginia Writers Guild (Fairfax, VA)
Virginia Screenwriters Forum (Richmond, VA)
Burlington Writers Workshop (Burlington, VT)
Seattle Writers Group (Seattle, WA)
Wisconsin Screenwriter's Forum (Madison, WI)


The Writers Room (Ottawa, Canada)
Toronto Screenwriters Group (Toronto, Canada)
Vancouver Screenwriters Meetup Group (Vancouver, Canada)



Dublin Screenwriters Group (Dublin, Ireland)
Galway Scriptwriters Group (Galway, Ireland)
London Writers' Circle (London, United Kingdom)
Scottish Screenwriters (Glasgow, Scotland)


Sydney Screenwriters Group (Sydney, Australia)


The Academy of Film Writing
The Internet Writing Workshop


LA TV Writers Group (Online Tracking Board)
Meetup Search For A Screenwriting Group In Your Area
The Scriptwriters Network

Three things. First, the inclusion of these groups on GITS does not mean I endorse them, rather I am simply providing them as a resource. You should do due diligence in checking them out for yourself.

Second, if you have a suggestion for another writing group, please post in comments and I'll be happy to update this post.

Three, this is where this whole initiative started, my thoughts on the matter:

However you do it, connect with other writers. Good ones. Create a writing group. Commit to reading each others' pages and provide a constructive critique. You'll help them. They'll help you. Everyone will become less 'precious' with their work. You will be learning how to accept critiques of your material, lock in on the good ideas, then implement them in rewrites.

Writing is so much an isolated experience. To have other writers with whom to share the ups and downs of the writing life, as well as give and receive feedback on pages, can be invaluable.

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