Zero Draft Thirty 2017 Spring Challenge: Day 10

One month. FADE IN to FADE OUT. Creativity meets Productivity.

Zero Draft Thirty: Day 10.

Write an entire draft of a script in March — FADE IN. FADE OUT. Or any sort of creative goal you have in front of you.

Feature length movie screenplay. Original TV pilot. Rewrite a current project. Break a story in prep. Generate a month's worth of story concepts.

Whatever you feel will ratchet your creative ambitions into overdrive…


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Today's Writing Quote

"Great writing gets you meetings, great concept gets you a sale, great characters get you jobs. All three get you a career."

— F. Scott Frazier

Today's Inspirational Video

This is pretty cool: NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover at Namib Dune. You can literally manipulate the view to see 360 degrees. It's got me thinking about a movie idea: An astronaut who has landed on the planet gets stranded there and has to survive for several years before…

Wait, what? That's already been done?

Never mind.

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Check back later for the winner of today's Anita Loos Award!



Yes, yes, yes! And for that bit of inspiration, today's recipient of the Anita Loos Award is Mbali Nkosi!

Put that daily routine sheen on your typing machine!

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