Zero Draft Thirty 2017 Spring Challenge: Day 26

One month. FADE IN to FADE OUT. Creativity meets Productivity.

Zero Draft Thirty: Day 26.

Write an entire draft of a script in March — FADE IN. FADE OUT. Or any sort of creative goal you have in front of you.

Feature length movie screenplay. Original TV pilot. Rewrite a current project. Break a story in prep. Generate a month's worth of story concepts.

Whatever you feel will ratchet your creative ambitions into overdrive…


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Today's Writing Quote

"Each writer starts differently, but the only valid way is start with character. Character IS plot. Character IS story."

— Eleanor Perry

Today's Inspirational Video

Joseph Campbell was born on March 26, 1904 and to celebrate his birthday, check out the conversation in the video above with one of the great thinkers about Story, Creativity, and Life.

Campbell said: "Follow your bliss. The bliss is the message of God to yourself. That's where your life is". As writers, we follow our bliss every time we sit down to engage our stories. In that enthusiasm, we come alive.

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Check back later for the winner of today's Anita Loos Award!


UPDATE: This from Jonathan Melikidse:

Got some heavy lifting to do on my 2nd act. Time for lockdown mode.

I like that image. Half the battle is actually getting our ass in chair to write. The other half of the battle? KEEPING our ass in chair to write!

So lockdown mode!

For that — and his ongoing oversight of the 24 Hour Writing Scamper-A-Thons — today's Anita Loos Award goes to Jonathan Melikisde!

We around the final turn in this here Zero Draft Thirty Challenge. Time to let it all hang out and push yourself to the wire!

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