5 Ways to Survive Making a Film with Your Best Friend

Here are five tips for making a real film with your literal BFF and living to tell the tale.

[Editor’s Note: In this series, Seed&Spark interviews creators of recent S&S releases about steps they took on their paths to distribution.]

Many of us come up with fun ideas for films when we’re hanging out with friends, but when we’re lucky, those films actually happen. Andrea Grano and Tara Karsian’s feature-length comedy BFFs came out of a joke that they could use couple’s counseling—as a pair of friends. At first they thought the idea had legs as a short, but the more they wrote, the clearer it became that this could be a more significant piece. In the film, best friends Katherine (Karsian) and Samantha (Grano) pretend to be a couple to take advantage of a free couple’s retreat. While there, the friends discover that there may be more to their relationship that they thought. Part buddy film, part rom-com, BFFs features a strong supporting cast, including Jenny O’Hara (Mystic River, The Mindy Project), Sean Maher (Firefly, Arrow), and Richard Moll (Night Court.)

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