6 Reasons To Attend Independent Filmmakers’ Ball

Independent Filmmakers Ball

Filmmaking can sometimes lead to the depths of isolation. Every waking moment is spent chained to a never-ending film project. The inability to edit one’s own life is undeniably frustrating. Unshakeable focus and unwavering passion can generate feelings of captivity.

This solitary darkness can be soothing to the artistic soul, sure.

You know what else is good for the artist? A colossal party brimming with fellow film enthusiasts. But where on earth would you find all these film lovers under the same roof at the same time?

On Wednesday 26th April, Raindance is throwing you a party: The Independent Filmmaker’s Ball.

Put on your best threads, leave your basement and join us for a night of frivolous tomfoolery designed to support and acknowledge Independent Film.

If you still need some prying away from all that hard work, here is a list of five reasons to join us.

As if you need them. You can always book a ticket to the Independent Filmmaker’s Ball HERE

1. Networking/Cannes

Raindance Independent Filmmakers Ball


If you are amused by people who find film trivia too abstract or people who find commentary on every feature/short/documentary/House of Cards episode irritating beyond belief, fear not! We have rustled up a space for you and your fellow film aficionados to join together to talk about all things film. If you’ve been banned from speaking at the dinner table then welcome to your arena of adoring listeners.

If you are one of the lucky few who haven’t managed to offend your friends/family/colleagues/pets with your inane film chatter, of course, you are also welcome.

There is also Cannes to think off. If you are heading off to France in a couple of weeks time and would like to make some allies on home ground before the departure, this could be the time. Alternatively, if you want to forge the path for years to come or meet some British filmmakers who are a part of Cannes, the Independent Filmmaker’s Ball is a great night for making friends.

2. Raffle

As well as throwing you a great big old party, we’re going to give you some things as well.

At the Independent Ball there will be a raffle with prizes from some of the top companies in the film business.

Prizes include (but are not limited to):

Raffle Prizes

Big Sky Studios are offering the use of their Studio 8 for a full day's shoot, including a Colorama backdrop of their choice, and the rental of up to £200 worth of kit from their in-house equipment store. Big Sky Studios logo
A pair of passes for the 25th Raindance Film Festival 2017, giving access to all screenings and events throughout the festival including Opening and Closing Night Galas, worth £400.  RDFF logo square
4 VIP tickets to Seven Sins cabaret show at Café de Paris, including a three-course meal and half a bottle of prosecco per person, plus entry into the nightclub after the show with VIP table and a bottle of champagne.  
 Two tickets to the invite-only  British Independent Film Awards 2017 after party  British Independent Film Awards
 Two Rotolight lighting kits with Spectrascope, worth £100 each  Rotolight

There will be some lovely people wandering around at the beginning of the evening selling tickets for the raffle.

3. Charity

Proceeds from the raffle will go to the Independent Film Trust – a UK charity providing film training for the disadvantaged and scholarships for those who have shown talent but need monetary or other help. The IFT support initiatives that encourage interest in film production and help emerging filmmakers to develop and express themselves.

Patrons include Mike Leigh, Tim Roth and Faye Dunaway.

Need another reason to attend? Book your Independent Filmmakers’ Ball tickets HERE

4. The Party

Everyone loves a party, especially one that is held at one of the most famous entertainment venues in London: Café de Paris. Everyone knows that the film industry has the best parties, and everyone knows that Raindance has the best parties of the film industry, because we’re not snooty.

Louise Brooks made history when she worked at the Café de Paris in December 1924, introducing the Charleston to London. Other famous guests have included Marlene Dietrich, Noel Coward, Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly.

Let’s make new history on the 26th April!

5. The Band

Natty Congeroo & The Flames of Rhythm are a swing band – think of all that cinematic energy contained within one act. Now is a good a time as any to showcase those ironic movie dance moves you’ve been saving up. Even if Chuck Berry’s “You Never Can Tell” isn’t playing, I’m sure no one would mind if you graced the floor with your finest John Travolta Twist. If the thought of strutting your stuff like the legendary Travolta sends shivers up your spine, then at least pull out an understated RocknRolla move in the spirit of One Two and Stella.

This is your chance to dance with flailing limbs that would make Thandie Newtown proud!

What are you waiting for? Buy your (cheap!) tickets now!

6. Celebrate 25 years of independent film at Raindance

That’s right – we are in our 25th year! Isn’t that reason alone enough to attend?

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