A Story Idea Each Day for a Month — Day 16

This is the eighth year in a row I've run this series in April.

Today: A mysterious sound deep in the Arctic seems to be causing sea animals to flee.

During the summer, hunters and boaters heard a mysterious pinging or humming sound coming from the sea floor through the Arctic waters of the Fury and Hecla Strait, located in Nunavut, the northernmost and least populated territory of Canada, according to a report in CBC News.

And whatever the sound is, it seems to be scaring animals away.

There is no known work going on in the region that could explain the sound, either. The Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation told the CBC that it has no equipment in the water. The Canadian military is investigating the mysterious sound, according to a statement provided to the CBC.

But so far, no one has any idea what's going on.

Okay, stay with me here. Strange sound emitted in the Arctic. Marine biologists notice strange shift in migratory patterns, not just whales, but birds, even polar bears, moose, and elk.

Then a very odd thing happens. A hunter gets trampled by some moose. A killer whale upends a boat sending its passengers into the frigid Arctic waters. A few seemingly random acts of animal violence toward humans. Notable to locals, but seemingly random, isolated events.

Then the same sound at Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. Within a day, a pack of kangaroos goes into a rabid type assault on the townspeople in a remote village. Wild boars attack and kill a rancher.

Our Protagonist, an environmental scientist who has lost her job due to cutbacks at the EPA, begins to stitch together these bizarre events from around the world. Working with a seismologist who tracks the appearance of the subterranean sounds, the pair comes up with a shocking theory: The Earth is in effect sending messages to animals to kill humans.

As a matter of fact, they're on the right track, but the thing is the goal is much bigger: To destroy humanity and all traces of our handiwork.

That's right, Mother Earth is pissed at how we are mistreating Her and she has enlisted the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, and the animals on the land as Her army of vengeance.

It's Noah's arc only inverted: Instead of humans saving animals… it's animals assaulting humans.

Moose calf attacks man.

There you go: My sixteenth story idea for the month. And it's yours. Free!

What would you do with it?

Each day this month, I invite you to click on RESPONSES and join me to do some further brainstorming. Take each day's story idea and see what it can become when you play around with it. These are all valuable skills for a writer to develop.

See you in comments. And come back tomorrow for another Story Idea Each Day For A Month.

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