Daily Dialogue — April 11, 2017

RHETT: What is it? This is more than losing old Frank.
SCARLETT: Oh, Rhett, I'm so afraid.
RHETT: I don't believe it. You've never been afraid in your life.
SCARLETT: I'm afraid now. I'm afraid of dying and going to hell.
RHETT: You look pretty healthy. And maybe there isn't any hell.
SCARLETT: Oh, there is. I know there is. I was raised on it.
RHETT: Far be it from me to question the teachings of childhood. Tell me what you've done that hell yawns before you.
SCARLETT: I ought never to have married Frank to begin with. He was Suellen's beau and he loved her, not me. And I made him miserable, and I killed him. Yes, I did, I killed him. Oh, Rhett, for the first time I'm finding out what it is to be sorry for something I've done.
RHETT: Here, dry your eyes. If you had it all to do over again, you'd do no differently. You're like the thief who isn't the least bit sorry he stole but he's terribly, terribly sor ry he's going to jail.
SCARLETT: I'm glad mother's dead. I'm glad she's dead so she can't see me. I always wanted to be like her, calm and kind, and sadly I've turned out disappointing.
RHETT: You know, Scarlett, I think you're on the verge of a crying jag.

Gone With the Wind (1939), screenplay by Sidney Howard, novel by Margaret Mitchell

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Shame, suggested by Jenny McNabb. Today's recommendation is from Melinda Mahaffey.

Trivia: At 2 hours, 23 minutes and 32 seconds, Vivien Leigh's performance in this movie is the longest to ever win an Academy Award.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary by Melinda: "This is one of the very few times in the film that Scarlett feels ashamed about the sneaky things she's done. She's genuinely troubled, but Rhett just makes fun of her, highlighting the main issue in their relationship…that they're never on the same page emotionally at the same time."

You know, Scarlett, I think you're on the verge of a crying jag.

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