Daily Dialogue — April 12, 2017

"I'm Kate, um, I'm… an alcoholic. Haha. I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh, um, just those words are… weird. Um… I mean I guess I… yeah, I don't know if I'm an alcoholic really. I just drink, I drink a lot. And, um… I've always drank a lot, everyone I know drinks a lot. So I never really thought it was a problem. But lately, it kind of seems like it is, so. I mean I just want to be able to have a beer, without it turning into twenty, or… wetting the bed. It just sort of seems like everytime I drink something awful happens and then… all of the things that used to be funny are… not really funny anymore. And um, things have gone from embarrassing to scary. So… so yeah I'm kind of… kind of scared."

Smashed (2012), written by Susan Burke, James Ponsoldt

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Shame, suggested by Jenny McNabb.

Trivia: Aaron Paul and Mary Elizabeth Winstead claimed that they went on one real binge drinking night during filming, which was video recorded, so they could see in playback how they would interact while drunk.

Dialogue On Dialogue: In this side of dialogue, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) goes through several psychological stages starting with a state of semi-denial, ending up with an expression of fear for her safety and well-being. But note the sense of shame which comes through it all, especially when she confesses wetting the bed. Of all the personal 'demons' Kate has to face, shame may end up being her biggest one.

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