Daily Dialogue — April 13, 2017

Ines looks out of the window. She waits a little too long before she turns around. The doorbell rings again.

STEPH: OK, I open the door, and you get dressed.
INES: No, it's OK.

Ines takes off her underpants and walks to the door. Realizing that she's really going to open it, Steph quickly retreats into the living room. Gerald stands outside. It takes a moment for him to realize, with shock, that Ines is naked. He shrinks back. He's holding a bottle of champagne.

INES: Nothing's wrong, Gerald. I just have nothing on.
INES: It's a… a naked party.

Ines stands up straight. She's struggling to stick by her assertion. Gerald laughs nervously and tries to catch a glimpse into the apartment.

GERALD: Interesting, OK.
INES: It's part of the team building. Stupid idea, but I couldn't think of anything better off the top of my head.
GERALD (uncertainly): I know that kind of thing from college. Isn't it a bit childish?
INES. You don't have to join in. Ring the bell if you change your mind.

Ines reaches into the apartment and hands Gerald a paper bag for his clothes. Then she closes the door and turns to Steph, who's appeared behind her in the hallway. Ines walks back into the living room and gives Steph a questioning look. She's trying to hide the fact that she's not totally convinced, but instead she sticks with her assertion.

INES: What are we going to do with you now?
STEPH: I'm definitely not undressing here.
INES: I am sorry, but then you have to go.
STEPH: You are kidding?

Ines shakes her head. Steph pointedly puts down her glass and slowly walks to the door. She appears to be re-considering. Ines follows her, still naked. It almost seems like she's throwing Steph out. Steph opens the door and, at that moment, Tim steps out of the elevator. Steph takes the stairs and mutters:

STEPH: Have fun, you two.

Toni Erdmann (2016), written by Maren Ade

The Daily Dialogue theme for the week: Shame, suggested by Jenny McNabb. Today's recommendation by Gisela Wehrl.

Trivia: Maren Ade does not view her film as a comedy because she told her producer she was making it "sad" and "super-serious". The actors had the same feeling as well.

Dialogue On Dialogue: Commentary by Gisela: "Everybody else is ashamed about Ines' nakedness but not Ines herself. She felt embarrassed about her father many times during the movie, but at this scene she gots his spirit not to care what people might think but to live the moment and try to be happy."

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