Here’s What to Expect from NAB 2017: Gear Rumors, Announcements, and More

NAB 2017 is not looking to be a blockbuster year for gear announcements, but here’s what you can get excited about so far.

Just prior to NAB 2017, we’ve already seen some big announcements from companies like Black Magic (Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K, Resolve Control Panels, several studio products) and Pansonic (GH5). In addition, RED announced that it would be taking a pass on NAB this year and focusing entirely on CineGear in June.

NAB is in a transition period into a new era of media, entertainment, and technology convergence. Subjects discussed this year will vary from the creative and technical processes used in creating Game of Thrones to the technical architectures of HDR, ATSC 3.0, and VR/AR. To highlight this transition, NAB announced that there will be 200 first-time exhibitors at the show, a diverse group of companies: Vimeo, Google, Sigma Lenses, YI Technologies, Gracenote, as well as several small lighting companies.

Rumors abound that Sony will unveil a new full frame, E-mount, mirrorless camera this year​.

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