Osgood Perkins on the Terrifying ‘Blackcoat’s Daughter’: ‘Horror Has Regained Grandeur’

Osgood Perkins’ psychological horror, starring Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka, is a gripping exercise in dread.

Following The Witch andThe Babadook, Osgood Perkins is the latest director to revitalize the art house horror canon. His chilly, atmospheric directorial debut, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, features elegant cinematography, nuanced performances, and decelerated pacing more common to art house than horror. But the film is undeniably scary. It pulses with escalating dread, fueled by darkness—both literally and figuratively, as Perkins shrouds his narrative in ambiguity (everyone’s in danger, but of what?), and his cinematographer, Julie Kirkwood, casts shadows over faces and hallways haunted by unseen forces.

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