REVIEW: Blackmagic Resolve Mini Panel Packs Renowned Quality into an Entry-Level Tool

Coming in at under $ 999, it’s hard to believe how much thought and quality Blackmagic manages to pack in to their new entry-level color panel. Introduction

Blackmagic Design has built a fantastic heritage but it has long had a hole in its platform. While Da Vinci Resolve owns the indie market for color and finish, and is moving hard at editing, the only color panels offered were the full-fledged $ 29,995 Advanced Panels. These are fantastic, but beyond the price point of any but the most dedicated colorist. In the age of the editor/colorist and on set grading, the Advanced panels often felt like a product from another time.

Finally, last month, Blackmagic filled out its line with the new Micro and Mini panels. The Micro is bare bones, focusing primarily on the track balls and a limited set of knobs and buttons, while the Mini is more sophisticated, with a set of LCD screens to help you navigate all the options available in the powerful Resolve software.

“This panel is clearly designed after long discussion and observation of real-life colorists and editors working in the field.”

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