REVIEW: CineMartin 4K LT Monitors are Under $200 and Going Fast

CineMartin’s 4K LT Monitors are so popular, they’re already selling out. Here’s what we think of them.

When CineMartin first announced the amazing price of the 4K LT external monitor ($ 199), many were skeptical, but No Film School got our hands on a unit and are impressed. In fact, so many people were impressed that the units are almost sold out, and Cinemartin remains unclear on whether there will be more batches in the future, so grab one soon if you want an unbelievable value.


The CineMartin 4K LT monitor is a 7″ external monitor with a Sony NP battery mount, HDMI inputs and outputs, with a hot shoe mount and camera hood included . Unlike popular monitor/recorders like the Atomos Ninja, this is just a monitor. However, it’s a monitor that comes in at only $ 199, and has a host of exposure and focus assist features that make it an amazing bargain at the price.

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