Rosco Updates its Popular Silk LED Line for Filmmakers

Rosco improves its Silk series and teases two new fixtures in NAB preview.

Creating enticingly soft, diffused light, the Silk series is a favorite among lighting technicians. After feedback from the community, Rosco has upgraded its Silk line in time for NAB to include new capabilities in precision, control, overall functionality and ease of use.

"We're very excited to share these improvements to our Silk line with the marketplace", said Tracey Cosgrove, Rosco's Director of Products. The fixtures use proprietary tungsten and daylight balanced LEDs to produce color temperatures ranging from 2800 – 6500K. The broad-spectrum white light emits TLCI, CRI and R9 metrics in the high 90s that have been validated using TLCI test algorithms, making the need for color correction in post virtually unnecessary.

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