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Writers Guild Talks Extended to Next Week.

13 Biggest Summer Movie Gambles.

'Ghost in the Shell' Box Office Was Hurt by Whitewashing Controversy and Poor Reviews, Says Paramount Executive.

'Ghost In The Shell' Projected To Lose $ 60 Million.

Where is the 'Smurfs' Nostalgia?

If Hollywood Reads Too Much Into Wonder Woman's Box Office Projections, So Help Me I Will Torch This Planet.

Star Wars Celebration 2017 starts this week: Here's 8 things we want to see.

Star Wars Celebration: 16 Things We Learned During the 40th Anniversary Panel With George Lucas & More.

The Story of How Boba Fett Got That Dent in His Helmet.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Director Rian Johnson reveals Carrie Fisher helped re-write screenplay.

Pixar's Sequel Problem: Studio Tells Audiences Not to Worry About Franchises in Its Slate.

The Stats of the Furious: A slew of numbers re this studio movie franchise.

There Are at Least 7 Films on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots Coming to a Screen Near You This Year.

New York's Film Incentives Program Extended Three Years.

Vista Studios to Open in May in Silicon Beach.

United Talent Agency Hacked: Work Disrupted, Ripples Throughout Hollywood.

Sylvester Stallone Sues Warner Bros for Fraud and 'Intentional Dishonesty'.

Terrence Malick Vows to Return to More Structured Filmmaking: 'I'm Backing Away From That Style Now'.

James Gray and the Struggle of the Middle-Class Filmmaker.

Young Horror Directors Are Generating Big Attention at Studios.

Frank talk from four female directors on quotas, likability and the gender budget gap.

5 Reasons Why We're Living In a Golden Age of Genre Films.

Stephen King: 5 Unadapted Stories That Would Make Excellent Movies.

The Genius of 'Withnail and I,' Thirty Years Later.

Why Diversity In the Entertainment Business Will Save Us From Stupid, Offensive Mistakes.

Jeffrey Katzenberg: 10 Lessons For Screenwriters.

Your Screenwriting Career: Dispelling Misconceptions (Volume 1).

What MasterClass Online Courses Pay to Lure Hollywood Stars as Teachers.

Is TV Finally Recognized as Cinema at Cannes?

The Nine Showrunners Who Defined The Simpsons.

The 'Lost' showrunners FINALLY reveal the show's original ending and it involves a volcano.

How to Write TV in the Age of Trump: Showrunners Reveal All.

Comcast Said to Plan Online Rival to Netflix Using Hit NBC Shows.

Here Are the 2017 Pulitzer Prize Winners.

Four Books from "Big Little Lies" Author Liane Moriarty Headed to the Screen.

Marvel to Discipline 'X-Men' Artist for Hiding Political Propaganda in Comic Book.

Watch: So You Don't Want to Watch a Black & White Movie?

Watch: GKIDS: A Tribute.

Watch: A Carrie Fisher Tribute.

Screenwriting Master Class tip of the week

Back in July 2016 when I announced I had been hired as an assistant professor of screenwriting at the DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts, I talked about how that would translate into some changes in my teaching schedule at Screenwriting Master Class. Specifically I would only teach screenwriting workshops during the summer months.

Well, it's April, summer is on the horizon, and I'm announcing my summer SMC schedule:

Prep: From Concept to Outline (June 5, 2017)

Pages I: Writing the First Draft (June 19, 2017)

Prep: From Concept to Outline (July 17, 2017)

This will be the only time I will be offering these online workshops in 2017 and there are a limited number of spots available on the roster of each class.

I created both workshops in 2010 and have worked with hundreds of writers in multiple sessions over the years, and I'm proud to say that 80% of the people who enroll finish their outline (Prep) or script (Pages I) within the scheduled time frame, and another 10% reach their goal soon thereafter.

Here are some testimonials about Prep: From Concept to Outline:

"You gave us just the right amount of ideas, encouragement, and support to discover, develop, and design a real workable blueprint to take into the page writing."
 — David Broyles

"The Prep class has given me a set of practical tools to use to take the bare glimmer of a concept to outline in six weeks."
 — James Tichenor

I honestly can't wait to get started on this script now, and to use what I've learned in Prep to go back and rewrite other scripts."
 — Paul Labich

Here are some testimonials about Page I: Writing the First Draft:

"Pages I: Writing the First Draft is the best screenwriting workshop I've ever taken, hands down. Not only is the approach informative and comprehensive, it breaks down the writing process into manageable chunks from Fade In to Fade Out."
 — Valli Leigh

"Over the years I've bought and read many books on screenwriting. None of them got me as far in my goals and understanding as the Pages I: Writing the First Draft course."
 — Dawn LeFever

"Until I took Pages I: The First Draft, I often wondered if I would ever finish a screenplay. Pages I not only gave me the tools and knowledge to craft a screenplay and finish it, it changed the way I think about writing."
 — Katie Cobb

Check out the links above to learn more and consider taking this opportunity to work with me as your mentor in these productive, effective, and kick-ass workshops.


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