Watch: How to Teach Yourself the Basics of Filmmaking in 30 Days

Here’s a fully mapped out crash course in filmmaking that you can do by yourself in 30 days.

Whether you’re a stubborn autodidact or just don’t want to deal with years of crushing student loan debt, there’s nothing wrong with learning the art of filmmaking all on your own. There are tons of great books, blogs, and videos out there that can teach you so much about the basics of making a film, but if the plethora of resources is making you dizzy and wonder where to start, filmmaker Darious Britt has mapped out a 30-day crash course that will teach you everything you need to know about getting started in filmmaking, from choosing the right camera settings to correctly lighting a scene. Check out the video below:

As usual, Britt’s video is fantastic and offers so much great insight, but here’s what I really love about it: it challenges you to pick up your camera and learn the damn basics.

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