Watch: Now, You Can Fully Appreciate Wes Anderson’s Incredible Set Design

Wes Anderson’s not-so-secret passion is also what make his films so great.

What makes a Wes Anderson movie so Wes Anderson-like? Whether it’s the wide-angle anamorphic lenses, slow motion endings, Futura Bold titles (usually yellow) or rostrum camera inserts, they all serve to enhance one particular aspect of filmmaking: production design.

Anderson’s obsessive attention to detail is no secret to those of us who appreciate his work. The beautifully designed sets and meticulously placed props elevate Anderson’s movies. Regardless of how you feel about his tongue-and-cheek thematic material, you have to admit it: these films look good.

Candice Drouet’s latest video essay gives us a nice side-by-side comparison of on-set photos to screenshots, so we can fully appreciate all of the work that goes into creating the Anderson aesthetic.

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